Stranger Things

St Louis Police Officer Caught On Camera Reversing Car Into Crowd

St Louis police officer caught on camera reversing his unmarked car into a crowd of protesters The video was recorded by LaShell Eik who claims the incident happened on Sunday This video follows shocking video of St Louis police pepper spraying people after having them sit on the ground The video has been viewed over 100,000 times on Facebook The ...

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Starkey Employee Daniel Pendergrass Threatens Woman After Sending Her Dick Pics

Starkey Inc employee Daniel Pendergrass threatens a woman with slut shaming after sending her unwanted “dick pics”  Pendergrass claimed to be a former Butler County police officer and a missionary during the conversation According to his Facebook Pendergrass works around those with developmental disabilities at Starkey A picture of a Pendergrass’ Starkey badge was posted to his Facebook on August ...

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Guess Who’s Attacking Unsuspecting Joggers in Kansas City


Kansas City early birds, be wary of these early … owls. They’re attacking people. In the city. Leaving puncture wounds in the scalp of at least one unfortunate early morning runner — the hapless victim of a dive bomb fly-by carried out by a humungous owl — one with wings massive enough, a powerful “whoosh” was audible to the man ...

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