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Detroit Court Of Appeals Dismisses ICP’s Juggalo Gang Lawsuit

A Federal Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit from ICP and several Juggalos against the DOJ and the FBI In 2011 the FBI designated Juggalos as a gang in a 2011 report for the National Gang Intelligence Center The lawsuit claimed the DOJ and FBI are violating Juggalo’s First and Fifth Amendment rights A Michigan District Court dismissed the case ...

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Is Cindy Gomez-Schempp Host Of A Mexican Crossing Lines Backing A False Rape Accusation

Cindy Gomez-Schempp has used her radio show A Mexican Crossing Lines Backing to push a quite possibly false rape accusation Gomez-Schempp has been pushing the narrative of Missy Waddell’s rape allegations against journalist and ActivateNOW founder Ed Higgins Waddell claims that she was too intoxicated to give consent on the night of the incident Text and Facebook messages from Waddell ...

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Jordan Chariton Threatens To Sue The Young Turks And The Intercept

On Tuesday night a statement was released that claims Jordan Chariton has been left with no choice but to sue The Intercept and The Young Turks Chariton’s former employee Carly Hammond has accused him of inappropriate sexual behavior Two articles posted to HuffPost’s Contributor Section accusing Chariton of sexual assault were removed Chariton, Hammond, and Chelsea Lyons have confirmed that ...

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The Sponaugle File: A History Of Neglect Inside The Kansas DCF

Leaked Kansas Department for Children and Families records show a disturbing case of neglect Part 1 In 2014 Joseph Sponaugle murdered a 3-month-old child Records show that DCF knew the 3-month-old and another child were in a dangerous situation Sponaugle was sentenced to an 18-years in prison in 2016 The Sponaugle file is the investigation of the murder conducted by ...

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