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Evidence Disputes Police Narrative Of Botham Shem Jean Shooting

Two videos posted to Facebook by a neighbor of Botham Shem Jean raising more questions about police narrative Family members and neighbors have disputed the police narrative of the shooting In the affidavit for Guyger’s arrest warrant she claims Jean’s door was ajar Two videos posted by Jean’s neighbor show the unique door and lock design at the apartment complex ...

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Burned And Decapitated Animal Found On DHS Official’s Porch

Burned and decapitated animal found on Department of Homeland Security official’s front porch amidst growing threats on federal agencies DHS Deputy Secretary Claire Grady wrote employees over the weekend over “specific and credible threats” Protesters confronted DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen at a Mexican restaurant while she ate White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked to leave a restaurant ...

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The Condom Snorting Challenge Is Making A Comeback

An old Internet challenge known as “The Condom Snorting” challenge appears to be making a comeback The condom challenge consists of a person snorting a condom and pulling it out through their mouth This bizarre challenge dates back as early as 2007 but did not go viral until 2013 In the past five years US poison control centers have only ...

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Crying Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell Admits To Being A Federal Informant

Crying Neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell admits to being a federal informant after a release of a private conversation Andrew “Weev” Auernheimer from The Daily Stormer released the private conversation last week Cantwell confirmed the claim in an article on his website titled I Am A Federal Informant Currently Cantwell is facing up to 40 years in jail for pepper spraying someone ...

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Florida House Decides Porn Is Bad But Guns Are Good

Florida legislatures blocked a house bill looking to ban the sale and possession of assault weapons and verbally passed a bill declaring pornography a health risk HB 219 was created to ban the sale and possession of semi-automatic weapons and high-capacity magazines The Democratic bill was blocked by a 71 to 36 vote HB 157 calls for education for the public ...

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Parents Are Actually Forcing Their Kids To Drink Bleach To Cure Autism

At least six different police forces in Britain are questioning families over forcing their children to drink bleach to cure autism Parents are also giving their children bleach enemas to kill parasites they falsely believe cause autism Danny Glass is one of the advocates encouraging parents to give their children bleach In 2016 parents in California were giving children bleach ...

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