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Dashcam Footage Of Toni Anderson Raises More Questions Than Answers

Dashcam footage of a North Kansas City Officer pulling over Toni Anderson leaves more questions than answers Anderson was reported missing on January 16, 2017 Police found Anderson’s body on March 10 in the Missouri River Police released the dashcam footage months after Anderson’s disappearance Anderson’s autopsy report has ruled her death as an accident The investigation into the disappearance of ...

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Vicky Cornell Claims Ativan May Have Been A Factor In Chris Cornell’s Suicide

Vicky Cornell claims Ativan may have factored into Chris Cornell’s suicide on Thursday Cornell was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor at the MGM Grand Detroit Vicky says that Cornell had taken Ativan on Wednesday night Ativan’s more serious side effects include suicidal thoughts and thoughts of self harm The world was shocked on Thursday when it was discovered that ...

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Dallas ISD Police Officers Accused Of Using A Taser On 7-Year-Old Special Needs Student Yosio Lopez

Mother of 7-year-old special needs student Yosio Lopez claims DISD officers used a Taser and a baton during an incident at school April Odis was called to Gabe P. Allen Charter School last Tuesday to pick up her son after he was disrupting class When Odis arrived her son had already been transferred to Dallas Behavioral Healthcare in DeSoto The family’s ...

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8-Year-Old Gabriel Taye Commits Suicide Days After Being Knocked Unconscious By School Bully

Video from Cason Elementary School shows 8-year-old Gabriel Taye knocked unconscious by a school bully Taye laid motionless for roughly seven-and-a-half minutes before he was found The family’s lawyer claims the school told Taye’s mother he had fainted Two days after the attack Taye hung himself from his bunk bed It is a story that is becoming all too common. ...

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Hospitals Across Britain Shut Down By A Massive Ransomware Attack

Hospitals across Britain have been shut down by a massive ransomware attack The attack began at 12:30 pm after the National Health Service email servers crashed The hackers are demanding $300 (£415,000) bitcoin to release the computers by May 19 In 2016 Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center paid $17,000 to hackers after a ransomware attack All across Britain hospitals are reporting that ...

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Admitted Child Molester Brandon Lloyd Accepts Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett’s Plea Agreement Offering Probation

Admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd accepted Sedgwick County, Kansas DA Marc Bennett’s plea bargain Brandon Michael Lloyd was charged with several child sex crimes on October 12, 2016 Under the terms of the plea agreement Lloyd will be placed on probation with time served Lloyd will also be allowed to move to Ohio where he would serve his probation Last ...

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