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James Alex Fields Jr Charged With First Degree Murder In The Death Of Heather Heyer

James Alex Fields Jr original second-degree murder charge was amended on Thursday and upgraded to first-degree murder Prosecutors filed to amend Fields’ second-degree murder charge on Thursday before his preliminary hearing Denise Lunsford, Fields’ attorney did not present any evidence or make any arguments at the preliminary hearing In August, Fields was arrested for driving his vehicle into a crowd ...

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Former TYT Correspondent Sues The Huffington Post For Libel

Former correspondent The Young Turks Jordan Chariton is suing The Huffington Post for libel The lawsuit was filed with the New York Supreme Court on Monday Chariton is suing over an article published on the HuffPost Contributor program that accused him of rape The lawsuit is asking for over $100 million in damages On Wednesday, a former correspondent for The ...

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Three Men Charged In The Murder Of Daphne Caruana Galizia

Three men have been charged in the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia On October 16, Galizia was killed by a bomb while driving near her home Galizia’s death sparked outrage throughout the European Union On Monday it was announced ten men were taken into custody in relation to Galizia’s death An unknown number of those suspects are being ...

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Jordan Chariton Doubles Down on PR Nightmare

Vox Veritas original homepage text

Now preparing a defamation suit amidst allegations of assault and professional misconduct from his Truth Against the Machine employees, Jordan Chariton’s PR nightmare may be far from over Chariton was accused of sexual misconduct by several former employees of Truth Against the Machine VoxVeritas appears to be the PR firm Chariton is using, but little is known about the company ...

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Aaron Suiter Charge Changed To First-Degree-Murder

Aaron Suiter charged with First-Degree-Murder for the death of Bryena “Kat Ina Hat” McQuitty Suiter was arrested and charged with Second-Degree-Murder on Sunday On Wednesday Suiter was charged with First-Degree-Murder Suiter’s preliminary hearing is on December 13 On Sunday, police in Wichita responded to a report of a woman not breathing on the 800 block of North Litchfield. Upon arrival, ...

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Howell Emanuel Donaldson III Named As Seminole Heights Killer

Howell Emanuel Donaldson III has been charged with four murders that occurred in the neighborhood of Seminole Heights Donaldson was arrested on Tuesday at a McDonald’s near the area Police are confident that they have recovered the gun used in the four murders On Wednesday Mayor Bob Buckhorn the city spent the last 51 days dealing with a serial killer Following a ...

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