Finally, the naked Hillary Clinton statue we have all been waiting for!

Pictures surface online of a naked Hillary Clinton statue. Two pictures were posted on Facebook showing a naked Hillary statue are gaining attention. The Hillary statue follows five naked Trump statues appearing around the country. It is not clear who created the naked Hillary statue, or where it’s exact location is. America’s 2016 Presidential Election has been anything but normal. ...

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Video of Ohio State Troopers in full RIOT GEAR reporting for duty at the RNC

Video was captured Wednesday afternoon in Cleveland, Ohio of Ohio State Troopers reporting for duty in FULL riot gear to the Republican National Convention. While most of the protesters have been civil (for the most part), officials are aware that as the convention advances, so does the sentiments of THOUSANDS of people gathered outside Quicken Loans Arena wanting their voices ...

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Here are the links for the RNC Police Scanners in Cleveland… ENJOY!!!

A group of ten men wearing gas masks, numerous suspicious packages, teens smoking pot, and of course Bikers for Trump & #BlackLivesMatter were among HUNDREDS of other call-ins and dispatches on the first night of the RNC. We knew before it started that this year’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland was going to bring together America’s opposing polar opposites and ...

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