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Protests In Detroit After US Immigration Target Chaldean Christian Iraqis

Protests in Detroit following Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting Chaldean Christian Iraqis Up to 80 people were arrested in Detroit during heavy immigration sweeps conducted by ICE on Sunday Dozens of Chaldean Christian Iraqis are included in those arrests Those arrested were being taken to Ohio where they will be deported back to Iraq Many are concerned  those being deported will ...

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New Black Panther Party Claim KKK Is Responsible For Decapitation In Jackson Mississippi

The New Black Panther Party Claim the Ku Klux Klan is responsible for decapitation in Jackson, Mississippi Jackson police found an African-American’s decapitated head on Saturday morning Later in the afternoon police found a badly burned body with no head At this time there is nothing showing that the KKK were responsible for the murder A young African-American man’s head ...

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That Moment When Antifa Threw Piss On Alt-Right Journalist Lauren Southern

That moment when Antifa threw piss on alt-right journalist Lauren Southern Southern was in New York attending one of the nationwide marches against Sharia Alex Rubinstein was attempting to interview Southern when Antifa confronted her During the confrontation one person from Antifa threw piss on Southern On Saturday, across the country people took to the streets to “March Against Sharia.” ...

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Leaked Emails From Lisa Ritchie Shows Inner Workings Of The Wichita Chapter Of ACT For America Days Before Nationwide “March Against Sharia”

Leaked emails from Lisa Ritchie shows some of the inner workings of the Wichita, Kansas chapter of ACT for America days before the nationwide “March Against Sharia Law” Ritchie is the head of the Wichita, Kansas chapter of ACT for America Emails from Ritchie show ACT’s relationship with prominent and high up government people ACT America plans on doing a ...

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