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Schwab Children Spend Third Christmas Eve Away From Family

Raymond and Amelia Schwab found out on Christmas Eve their children would not be home through Christmas Eve Raymond posted a video on YouTube breaking his silence on his children’s return home In the video Raymond claims the attorney ad litem Lora Ingels sabotaged the family’s Christmas Eve The Schwab’s are concerned the Kansas Department for Children and Families will ...

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Here Is What We Know About Rick The Homeless Veteran So Far

While filming a Christmas party for the homeless in Wichita, Kansas, hosted by the homeless outreach organization Let’s Rock & Roll & Change the World Inc, I happened to notice a man opening a Christmas card. As I watched him slowly beginning to open the card, I decided to begin recording. What I recorded was a very surreal moment. The ...

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Detroit Court Of Appeals Dismisses ICP’s Juggalo Gang Lawsuit

A Federal Court of Appeals dismissed a lawsuit from ICP and several Juggalos against the DOJ and the FBI In 2011 the FBI designated Juggalos as a gang in a 2011 report for the National Gang Intelligence Center The lawsuit claimed the DOJ and FBI are violating Juggalo’s First and Fifth Amendment rights A Michigan District Court dismissed the case ...

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Protesters Hope To Stop New City Ordinance Targeting Panhandling

Residents in Wichita, Kansas hope to stop new ordinance targeting panhandling People plan on showing their disapproval of the new ordinance at Tuesday’s city council meeting Under the new ordinance both panhandlers and motorists could face up to a $500 fine and up to 30 days in jail Christopher Parisho is one of many whom is speaking out against the ...

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The Satanic Temple Denver Is Throwing A Fundraiser And Collecting Items For The Homeless

Editor’s Note: The original article may not have been clear on where donations are going. The Satanic Temple Denver Chapter wants it to be clear that cash donations will go to TST, and any items donated will go to Atheists Helping the Homeless. The Satanic Temple’s Denver Chapter is throwing a fundraiser to for the organization Atheists Helping the Homeless ...

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State Of Kansas Agrees To Return Schwab Children By Christmas

On Monday A Kansas judge decided that the Schwab children shall be placed back into their parent’s custody before Christmas For over three years the Schwab family has been torn apart by the Kansas DCF As long as the Schwabs can get basic necessities arranged the children will be home before Christmas As of now, if everything is in place ...

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