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All Chilean Bishops Resign Following Catholic Church Child Sex Abuse Cover-up

On Friday 34 Chilean bishops offered their resignation to Pope Francis during an emergency summit The Chilean hierarchy is accused of sexually abusing minors and hindering investigations by the Vatican Victims of Chilean pedophile priest Fernando Karadima claim bishop Juan Barros knew and helped to cover-up his crimes In 2015 Francis appointed Barros as bishop of Osorno Chile despite his sex abuse ...

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Off-Duty DC Officer Used His Service Weapon In Fatal Shooting

Little known following a fatal police shooting involving an off-duty DC officer DC Police Chief Peter Newsham confirmed the officer was not in uniform Newsham confirmed the officer used his department-issued service weapon in the shooting A gun was said to be found in the vicinity of the victim The male victim in his 20s was pronounced dead at a ...

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Wichita Police Officer Dexter Betts Charged In Child Involved Shooting

Wichita Police Officer Dexter Betts has been charged for an on-duty shooting that occurred in December Betts fired his weapon twice at a mid-sized dog with four children in the room One of Betts’ bullets struck the floor and fragmented then hit a 9-year-old girl in the face with shrapnel Almost a month after the shooting Betts was fired from ...

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Boston Judge Rules Thirteen Pipeline Protesters Not Responsible

West Roxbury District Court ruled 13 pipeline protesters not responsible for demonstrations against a natural gas pipeline The demonstrations occurred in 2015 when protesters halted construction of a natural gas pipeline in the Boston suburb of West Roxbury Over 198 protesters were reportedly arrested during the 2015 demonstrations Judge Mary Ann Driscoll made the decision that the 13 defendants were ...

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Officer Justin Rapp: The Name The City Of Wichita Will Not Speak

The City of Wichita and the Wichita Police Department refuse to comment on Officer Justin Rapp Multiple sources have claimed to The Daily Haze that Rapp is allegedly the officer responsible for shooting Andrew Finch The shooting occurred after a prank “Swatting” call was made from California on December 28, 2017 Requests for any information on Rapp have been ignored by ...

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Who Is The Officer That Shot And Killed Andrew Finch

Sources close to the Wichita Police Department claim to know the name of the officer who shot Andrew Finch On December 28, 2017, WPD responded to a call of a hostage situation Tyler Barriss has been charged with making the call that turned out to be a Swatting prank Sources close to the WPD claim the shooter is former military ...

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