Human Rights

State Of Kansas Agrees To Return Schwab Children By Christmas

On Monday A Kansas judge decided that the Schwab children shall be placed back into their parent’s custody before Christmas For over three years the Schwab family has been torn apart by the Kansas DCF As long as the Schwabs can get basic necessities arranged the children will be home before Christmas As of now, if everything is in place ...

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The Sponaugle File: This Is What Negligence From The Kansas DCF Looks Like

Kansas Department for Children and Families were involved with the family for two years before Joseph Sponaugle murdered his 3-month-old daughter In 2012, DCF was involved with Brittani Figueroa and the father of her second child Thomas Greene Jr Figueroa claimed Greene raped her and had issues with anger management Greene was arrested for rape, criminal restraint, disorderly, and violating ...

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Hanson Robotics’ “Sophia” Becomes First Humanoid Robot With Citizenship

Hong Kong-based Hanson Robotics’ humanoid robot “Sophia” was awarded citizenship in Saudi Arabia at the Future Investment Initiative Sophia was interviewed by CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin at the FII FII was the first time Sophia has appeared without her creator Dr David Hanson Sophia has also been to the UN for a discussion onĀ artificial intelligence and sustainable development After an ...

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New York State Is Banning Vaping In All Indoor Public Places

In thirty days vaping will be banned in all indoor public places in New York State The new restrictions are expected to have little effect on the vaping industry in New York 70% of municipalities in New York State already ban the use of electronic cigarettes everywhere cigarettes are already banned New York was one of the first states to ...

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Ignorance in America Growing Rapidly

Stupidity in America is Championed by the Asinine Clown-in-Chief President Agent Orange panders to the hate groups As hate groups grow, America’s ignorant citizens are emboldened Intelligence must overcome the feeble-mindedness It’s alarming to see the continual lack of humanity displayed by fellow humans. And it seems to only be getting worse as our vile commander-in-chief, Agent Orange, praises hate ...

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Pitbull, Mark Cuban Pick Up Trump Admin’s Slack, Lend Jets for Puerto Rico Relief

Puerto Rico

Rapper Pitbull and Mavericks owner Mark Cuban offered personal assistance to Puerto Rico Pitbull lent his private plane to ferry cancer patients to the mainland. The Trump administration has refused to lift restrictions to import aid and needed supplies. Puerto Rico has been leveled and left without power, deepening risk for a humanitarian crisis. With estimates as long as ten ...

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