Human Rights

51-year-old Shirlena Barnes faces jail time for a Facebook post.

Shirlena Barnes faces serious charges after making a post on her Facebook. Marion County State‚Äôs Attorney Matt Wilzbach claims that Barnes was threatening an officer and his child. Barnes only referred to the person in her post as ‘Mike.’ Barnes could face up to 25-years in jail if convicted. A 51-year-old woman in Marion County is facing absurd charges after ...

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22 arrested in No DAPL lockdown in North Dakota.

22 people have been arrested after halting construction on the Dakota Access Pipeline. Two men locked themselves to construction equipment to stop construction of the DAPL. Among those arrested were medics and journalists. Livestream of the arrests were blocked from Facebook. On Tuesday, 22 protesters were arrested during a “No DAPL” lockdown. It is reported that lockdowns occurred in two ...

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Patents on kratom alkaloids prove the federal government is lying to us.

Pharmaceutical company Smith Kline & French Laboratories obtained a patent for a main alkaloid in kratom in 1964. Patent 3,324,111 is for the alkaloid in kratom known as Speciofoline. A 2010 patent application claims kratom can be used to treat opioid addiction. Americans are using 80% of the worlds total opioid supply. The federal government is in the middle of ...

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