Human Rights

Orlando man arrested and charged for meth after police found Krispie Kreme Donut crumbs in his car.

Is there anything more terrifying than being arrested for a crime you did not commit? Meet 64-year-old Daniel Rushing. Rushing was arrested and charged with possession of meth after Orlando police found Krispie Kreme Donut crumbs in his car. On December 11, at roughly 1:00 pm, Rushing had just dropped off a neighbor for chemotherapy. Rushing takes his neighbor to ...

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UPDATE: Early morning attack on Columbus, Ohio police confirmed.

Late Wednesday night, Columbus, Ohio police had a close call when at least one suspect opened fire on officers with a high-caliber weapon. Luckily, no officers were injured during the shooting. Last nights attack follows several national tragedies involving the death of officers. On Wednesday night at roughly 11:53 pm, Columbus police responded to a call of shots fired in ...

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The reality of Florida’s Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act.

Florida is about to join other medical cannabis friendly states by putting the Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act into action. As many Floridians rejoice to have the opportunity to try medical cannabis, they may be slightly disappointed when they learn the details of the bill. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act was passed in 2014 and set to go into action on ...

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