Former DAPL Security Kyle Thompson Arrested For Failure To Appear

Former DAPL security officer Kyle Thompson arrested for failure to appear Thompson was booked on a failure to appear charge on Sunday The failure to appear stems from charges Thompson received in April of this year Thompson received national attention after being caught on video pulling an AR-15 on water protectors on October 27,2016 Just days after former DAPL security ...

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Swanson Funeral Home In Flint Closed After Finding Rotting Bodies And Maggots

Swanson Funeral Home located in Flint, Michigan after discovering rotting bodies, maggots, and “deplorable” conditions The formal complaint reveals that the Swanson Funeral Home had been getting regular complaints and violations since 2012 Bodies were often stored in cardboard cremation containers inside an un-air conditioned garage The Swanson Funeral Home was forced to close their doors on Wednesday It is ...

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Dakota Access Security Guard Kyle Thompson Speaks Out

Dakota Access Pipeline hired security guard Kyle Thompson speaks out Thompson was involved in an armed standoff with water protectors on October 27, 2016 in Cannon Ball, North Dakota The former project manager for Leighton Security Services spoke with Myron Dewey, founder of Digital Smoke Signals Three water protectors were arrested for pushing Thompson’s truck off the road on October ...

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Bystanders Tried in Vain to Save Drowning Child — While Police, EMTs ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’


(TFTP) “They all just stood and watched,” lamented Patrick Hedican, 28, after a harrowing incident in which he and friends, bystanders, desperately dove deep into a lake to locate and save a drowning child — while police and first responders looked on without assisting. Submerged in the waters of Carver Lake too long, the 5-year-old boy, later identified as Kendrick ...

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Monalisa Perez Charged After Fatal Shooting Of Pedro Ruiz For A YouTube Video

Monalisa Perez charged with second-degree manslaughter after shooting her boyfriend Pedro Ruiz III for a YouTube video On Monday Perez fatally shot Ruiz while trying to film a video for YouTube Ruiz asked Perez to shoot a Desert Eagle .50 at his chest while he attempted to stop it with a hardcover encyclopedia Perez is charged with second-degree manslaughter On ...

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