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Girl injected with meth, raped, strangled, stabbed, dismembered, then set on fire by her own mother and 2 others on 10th birthday!

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Child was injected with methamphetamine, raped, strangled, stabbed and dismembered by her own mother, the mother’s boyfriend and his cousin, on little girl’s 10th birthday. All 3 have been chared with multiple felony counts, including 1st degree murder Dismembered body was wrapped in blanket and set on fire Gov. Martinez, “this is unspeakable and justice should come down like a…

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Candlelit vigil for the special needs man killed by Hays, Kansas police.

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A candlelit vigil will be held this Thursday for the special needs man that was shot by Hays, Kansas Police. Joseph ‘Joey’ Weber was shot and killed by a Hays police officer on Thursday, August 18. This candlelit vigil is to remember Joey and others with disabilities who have fallen victim to police crime. As…

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Arizona corrections officer accused of molesting children

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A father sexually abused his children and still received custody. Children make claims of sexual abuse against their father. Police report states father is a correctional officer The claims lead to police involvement with no repercussions. Regardless, the father has gained custody of the children. Jane Doe: Victim I A young child, Jane Doe, 4,…

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“Man hits dog and makes video” did not get brutal beating.

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A video has resurfaced claiming to show a man who made a video of him beating a dog receiving justice. Amazing Animals World posted the video to their Facebook yesterday. Video reportedly shows Tom-Jan Husch receiving a beating. Original video is said to be Magomed Jangubaev beating a man charged with murder. A video that…

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Stockton Police change the shooting of Colby Friday narrative three times.

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Stockton Police claim Colby Friday was reaching for a gun. Stockton police have changed their narrative of the shooting four different times. Witnesses claim Friday was reaching for his cell phone. Stockton Police have an officer on their force that shot three suspect before he changed his last name and shot a fourth suspect. Last…

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Trooper Jermaine Saunders shot a deaf man after “an encounter.”

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A North Carolina Trooper shot and killed a deaf man after a short lived chase to the man’s house. Police have named Trooper Jermaine Saunders as the officer responsible for shooting Daniel Kevin Harris. Neighbors said that Saunders shot Harris almost immediately after he exited his vehicle. It is believed that Harris was trying to…

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Finally, the naked Hillary Clinton statue we have all been waiting for!

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Pictures surface online of a naked Hillary Clinton statue. Two pictures were posted on Facebook showing a naked Hillary statue are gaining attention. The Hillary statue follows five naked Trump statues appearing around the country. It is not clear who created the naked Hillary statue, or where it’s exact location is. America’s 2016 Presidential Election…

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Is Fort Carson training for Martial Law on September 5?

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Image shows a document claiming training for Martial Law to begin at Fort Carson. An image of a supposed Army memorandum claims Martial Law training will begin September 5 at Fort Carson. The image was originally uploaded to a Facebook account on August 19. Fort Carson knows about the memorandum and are calling it a…

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Special needs man killed by Hays Police identified as Joey Weber.

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The special needs man killed by Hays Police has been identified as Joey Weber. A childhood friend of Weber’s described him “incredibly sensitive and warm to everyone.” Weber was shot in front of New Age Services, which provides a place for those with an intellectual disability to come together. Hays Police are still not giving…

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14-year-old Alabama rape victim’s mother granted “temporary custody.”

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Judge Corey Moore places 14-year-old rape victim in mother’s temporary custody. Both the 14-year-old and her baby were placed in the temporary custody of the biological mother. The 14-year-old twin brother still remains in the state’s custody. Questions remain of why the children were not returned to the grandparents. In a bizarre turn of events,…

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