Human Rights

Bystanders Tried in Vain to Save Drowning Child — While Police, EMTs ‘Did Absolutely Nothing’


(TFTP) “They all just stood and watched,” lamented Patrick Hedican, 28, after a harrowing incident in which he and friends, bystanders, desperately dove deep into a lake to locate and save a drowning child — while police and first responders looked on without assisting. Submerged in the waters of Carver Lake too long, the 5-year-old boy, later identified as Kendrick ...

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How European Courts Just Failed Charlie Gard And The Study Of Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome

European Court of Human Rights recently ruled they would not be stepping in to prevent 10-month-old Charlie Gard from being taken off life support Charlie was born with a rare condition called Mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome Doctors at Great Ormond Street Hospital requested that Charlie be taken off of his ventilator Charlie’s parents managed to raise £1.3 million on Go Fund Me ...

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Riots Breakout At Understaffed El Dorado Correctional Facility

Riots breakout at understaffed El Dorado Correctional Facility An inside source has informed TDH that prisoners have taken over the East Yard and the Gym The disturbance follows the decision to move all 150 maximum security mental health inmates Larned Correctional Mental Health Facility to El Dorado El Dorado is already 300 prisoners past capacity before the decision to take ...

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ICE Plans On Keeping 51,379 Immigrants Detained A Day

The Us Immigration and Customs Enforcement Fiscal Year 2018 Budget Request shows plans to keep 51,379 immigrants detained a day ICE has requested an additional $1.2 billion to enforce changes in immigration law following President Donald Trump’s Executive Orders ICE claims laws prior to Trump protected 345,000 or 65% of the fugitive aliens in America Currently a daily average of 39,610 immigrants ...

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Protests In Detroit After US Immigration Target Chaldean Christian Iraqis

Protests in Detroit following Immigration and Customs Enforcement targeting Chaldean Christian Iraqis Up to 80 people were arrested in Detroit during heavy immigration sweeps conducted by ICE on Sunday Dozens of Chaldean Christian Iraqis are included in those arrests Those arrested were being taken to Ohio where they will be deported back to Iraq Many are concerned  those being deported will ...

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