Human Rights

Phil Stair Racial Charged Audio Recordings Highlight More Underlining Problems In The City Of Flint

Racially charged audio recordings of Phil Stair possibly highlight more underlying problems in the City of Flint An activist and reporter for Truth Against the Machine recorded two nights worth of conversations with Stair In the recordings Stair blamed Flint’s problems on those living in poverty, used racial slurs, and spoke of disparaging poverty stricken areas of Flint TATM says they ...

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No Arrests Made After John Hernandez Killed By A Harris County Sheriff Deputy’s Husband Terry Thompson

No arrests made after John Hernandez killed by Harris County Sheriff Deputy’s Chauna Thompson’s husband Terry Thompson Terry Thompson confronted 24-year-old John Hernandez after witnessing him urinating in a Denny’s parking lot Video of the incident shows Deputy Thompson pinning Hernandez’s arm as her husband held him in a chokehold No arrests have been made for Hernandez’s homicide Outrage in ...

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Documents Show TigerSwan Acted as a De Facto Gov’t Security Agency in Standing Rock


A coordinated anti-water protector propaganda campaign by police attempted to change public perception of police actions. Documents revealed by the Intercept show unfaltering coordination between police and TigerSwan. Law enforcement and private security used social media to avoid accountability for violent actions. Water protectors were closely surveilled and likened to ‘terrorists.’ Water protectors in Standing Rock endured an hours-long assault ...

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Tennessee Judge Grants Injunction To Keep Baby Steffen Alive After Almost Dying In DHS Custody

Tennessee judge grants a temporary injunction to keep Baby Steffen alive after the 7-month old almost died while in DHS custody Baby Steffen was born with Down Syndrome and congenital heart defects On February 2 Baby Steffen and his sister Annalise were placed in DHS custody On February 17 Baby Steffen was rushed to Vanderbilt Hospital a diagnosed for having a serious infection ...

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Water Protectors Go To 8th Circuit Court of Appeals To Try And Overturn A Decision By North Dakota Federal Court Regarding Militarized Police

Water Protectors go to 8th Circuit Court of Appeals to try and overturn a decision by North Dakota federal court regarding militarized police The water Protector Legal Collective filed a class action lawsuit over militarized police actions against water protectors in North Dakota Militarized police used tear gas, bean bag rounds, and water cannons against unarmed water protectors in freezing ...

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