Carmel Indiana Synagogue Vandalized With Nazi Graffiti

On Saturday morning it was discovered that Congregation Shaarey Tefilla had been vandalized with Nazi graffiti

  • Hannah Farahan posted two pictures of the vandalism to her Facebook account

  • The graffiti was on a brick wall that surrounds the Synagogue’s trash bin

  • The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council believe the vandalism occurred either Friday night or Saturday morning

A Facebook post made on Saturday showed the aftermath of Nazi vandalism on a Synagogue in Carmel, Indiana. The anti-semitic vandalism included Nazi flags and iron crosses.

Hannah Farahan uploaded two pictures to her Facebook of the vandalism to Congregation Shaarey Tefilla. The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council believe the vandalism happened between Friday night and Saturday morning.

It’s with a heavy heart that I found out my hometown of Carmel, Indiana had a disgusting display of Anti-Semitism and vandalism at a local Synagogue. Words cannot describe the way my heart started beating in my ears, my eyes became misty, and I felt a passionate anger I’ve not experienced in a long time. It is sad that this is how my parents spent their Saturday evening- driving by this disgraceful hatred…. still waiting for the news to give a shit and report on it, and for Indiana General Assembly to join the rest of the country and adopt a Hate Crimes Law.

“Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet.”
-Maya Angelou

Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council and ALL community organizations impacted by hate crimes, we need to do a better job of getting accurate information out in a timely fashion REGARDLESS of what congregation or faith we belong to. Hate crimes in OUR community impact ALL of us.

The graffiti was done on a brick wall that surrounds the Synagogue’s trash bin. There was a burn mark on the ground in front of the graffiti, and another burn mark on the brick wall as well. Shaarey Tefilla Rabbi Benjamin Sendrow expressed his disappointment in a statement.

We are deeply disappointed in the horrific vandalism that occurred at our congregation. Intolerance, hatred, and violent acts against Jews are significant realities today. The response to this heinous act affirms that America is collectively outraged at these hateful acts in our neighborhoods.

The Indianapolis Jewish Community Relations Council released the following statement on Monday.



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