Was a cargo container full of “young black women” found in Savannah, Georgia

In late March a rumor began spreading that “young black women” were found in a cargo container in Savannah, Georgia

  • The rumor was spread via a screenshot on social media

  • There was no sources behind the claims on the image

  • Department of Homeland Security and Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking said the claim was unsubstantiated

Towards the end of March, a rumor began spreading on social media that a cargo container was found at a port in Savannah, Georgia full of “young black women.” The container was allegedly getting ready to be shipped overseas.

The rumor began with a supposed screenshot being shared out on Facebook. The screenshot has an image saying “Breaking News” at the top then the following description at the bottom.

3/21/17 Why is mainstream media is NOT talking about cargo container full of young black women found at the port in Savannah, Georgia that was about to be shipped overseas!? Who’s covering this up? Are Our young BLACK women being stolen from us and sold for sex trafficking? This is another form of slavery!!!! God bless us all! Please keep your love ones safe.

#Copy& #Paste until we get answers!

No source or evidence was available that could back the claim what-so-ever! The image was shared enough times that local media looked into the claim.

WSAV did an article titled “Facebook human trafficking claim in Savannah deemed unsubstantial.” In the article, WSAV claims to have spoken with the “Department of Homeland Security and the president of Savannah Working Against Human Trafficking, Deidre Harrison, who clarified the post to be unsubstantiated.”

Harrison told WSAV that at this time the claim could not be substantiated by any “government agency or any credible industry on this matter.”



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