Registered Caregiver Mark Pedersen Faces Severe Charges For Legally Producing Cannabis Oil in Colorado

Registered caregiver Mark Pedersen is facing severe charges for legally producing cannabis oil in Colorado

  • Pedersen has dedicated his life to making cannabis therapy safe and accessible

  • One of Pedersen’s patients was Jack Splitt who became known for being the face of “Jack’s Law”

  • Splitt passed away on August 24, 2016 and local law enforcement used his death as a means to enter Pedersen’s residence

Following the legalization of cannabis in Colorado many people began falsely believing that legal problems for cannabis providers in the area became a thing of the past. Sadly that is not the case, as caregiver Mark Pedersen is finding out.

Pedersen has spent many years of his life studying the medicinal benefits of the cannabis plant. Over the years Pedersen began working closely with terminally ill children and adults.

Pedersen’s life mission became making cannabis therapy safe, and accessible to any who could benefit from the medicinal properties of cannabis. Pedersen lives in Colorado where he is a registered caregiver.

Jack’s Law

One of Pedersen’s patients was 15-year-old Jack Splitt. Splitt was born with multiple debilitating and life-threatening conditions, but particularly cerebral palsy and Dystonia. Splitt had a G-tube and was on life support, requiring 24 hour RN nursing care.

Splitt could hear somewhat and understood some sign language but was forced to speak through a digital device. Despite all the challenges against Splitt, he became the face for what is known as “Jack’s Law.”

Jack’s Law allowed parents to provide their children with prescribed medicinal cannabis on school property just like any other medication. Splitt has been viewed as a hero all around the country for his efforts towards getting medicinal cannabis allowed in Colorado schools.

August 24, 2016

On August 24, 2016, Splitt passed away from natural causes. Law enforcement used Splitt’s passing as an opportunity to enter the home of Stacey Linn, where Pedersen and Ron Niehouse were tenants.

Despite the death being natural causes, the home Pedersen was staying at was treated as a crime scene. Even though Pedersen is a registered caregiver providing oil for three adults and one adolescent living in the home police seized his equipment used for producing oil.

Along with Pedersen’s equipment, law enforcement also seized all personal medication from everybody in the house. Pedersen claims a small safe was taken that contained personal papers, old money, collector’s items, his mother’s jewelry and the remainder of a settlement from a company whose pollutants harmed his family and caused his disability.

The Legal Battle Begins

On top of dealing with the emotional stress of losing a patient, Pedersen had also to bear the weight of his newfound legal burdens, even though he is a registered caregiver. Pedersen has started a Go Fund Me to help with his legal battle. The campaign has a goal of $75,000 to fight the uncommonly severe charges he is now facing.



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