Who Should You Call After Child Protection Services Opens An Investigation Into Your Family

Who do you call after Child Protection Services opens an investigation into your family

  • Title IV Funding has given Child Protection Services incentive to remove children

  • It is not unusual for advocates to attempt to take advantage of families stuck in the system

  • Simple background checks can allow you to see if advocates offering help are knowledgeable in the field

All over America people are beginning to notice some major problems inside the country’s Child Protection Services.

In many cases, when children need to be removed from the home they are not offered any services, due to growing internal problems. At the same time, families with unsubstantiated findings are having their children removed from the home at an alarming rate, despite not being found guilty of doing anything wrong. Both problems stem from the Title IV-E federal funding requirements.

Title IV-E

Title IV-E funding is setup so CPS receives their federal funding for keeping families apart, not reuniting them. The more children in the system, the more they receive in federal funding. This gives these entities the incentive to remove children without having the substantiated findings. In fact, instead of demanding substantiated findings, CPS agencies across the nation accept unsubstantiated findings as a valid reason to temporarily remove a child from the home.

Parents who find themselves in the middle of a CPS investigation typically feel alienated. Many are threatened with “gag orders” that threaten jail time or termination of parental rights if they talk publicly about their case. Many are scared to speak out about their case due to these severe threats and the risk of retaliation.

Parents, especially in unsubstantiated cases, are confused and very vulnerable. They are looking for help wherever they can find it, which at times turns them into perfect victims. Sadly some people use this to their advantage and step in when they see the opportunity for their personal gain, whether it be notoriety or monetary.

Ronnie Davis

In the CPS advocate world, the name Ronnie Davis has come up for years. Davis is a good talker and very aggressive, which gives the impression that his heart is truly in it, which it may be. However, his approach resembles that of a hype man for a cage fighter more than it does an advocate for children.

Over the years Davis has given very strange advice and made even stranger claims. Davis was sworn in as a “Superior Court Judge” under “The Continental uNited States of America.” It is a title that sounds great but does not exist. Davis posted pictures to his Facebook of his “Oath of Office” that he signed and claimed to stamp with blood thumb prints. Because blood contracts and children advocacy goes hand in hand.

You can watch Davis being “sworn in” as Superior Court Judge via speaker phone in the video below. Apparently The Continental uNited States of America is a lot more lax about their ceremonies than their counterpart, the United States of America.

With the help of Bruce Doucette, Rodger Dowdell, Davisand a few others formed “The Bears Law and Forensic Science Team,” also known as the “The Bears Law Firm.” After an extensive search, TDH was not able to confirm anything regarding The Bears Law Firm’s existence. There is no website, no business listing, nothing except for the rants of a few guys on Facebook.

Despite having nothing to back The Bears Law Firm as an entity, Davis is known for making claims that he can, and has, have anybody put in prison for violating the Constitution. From police officers to judges, nobody is above Superior Court Judge Davis.

Overall, Davis makes a lot of delusional claims. While he may have some valid points on how the Constitution is supposed to work, he appears too detached from reality to accept that legal proceedings have to be followed at this time in America.

Tammi Stefano

Another name that has been brought up in the world of CPS activism is Tammi Stefano. Stefano is much different from Davis, yet similar in certain aspects. She appears to have a better grip on understanding how the laws surrounding CPS cases work, and reality as a whole. However, after TDH looked deeper into Stefano, we are still a little confused on what exactly it is that she does.

Stefano is the host of the National Safe Child Show and the Executive Director at National Safe Child Coalition. In 2013 there were claims that Stefano “hijacked” the NSCC from Connie Valentine, Kathleen Russell, Meera Fox and CEO Marivic Mabang. TDH was not able to confirm if those claims were true or false.

According to Stefano’s LinkedIn, she has the certifications to back whatever it is that she does. Her three certifications are in “Implicit biases,” “Professional Visitation Monitor,” and “Darkness To Light” which is child abuse prevention related.

We were not too familiar with what the process was to obtain any of the three certifications. We decided to see exactly how much training one must go through to get certified in these three fields.

To get your certification for implicit biases, it does not take much. In fact, all you have to do is take the Implicit Association Test on Harvard.edu.

We were surprised when we saw the lack of training that goes into becoming a professional visitation monitor. If you have some free time and $239.00 you can go to Notary Public Seminars website to find out about classes to get your certification. You only have to complete two eight-hour classes to be allowed to be a visitation monitor.

Finally, to get certification from Darkness To Light for child abuse prevention it takes one two-hour class that can be done either in person or online.

While we cannot confirm that these methods are how Stefano received her certification, this goes to show exactly how much training went into her certifications. You can obtain the same certification as Stefano within 24-hours of your time.

Do Your Own Research

It can be incredibly overwhelming in the middle of a CPS investigation, but it is important to make sure you do not take help just because it is there. Anyone can easily obtain the certifications that Stefano has listed, and Davis invented an imaginary court of law to get his certifications, yet people are turning to them with serious legal issues.

When you find yourself entering a CPS situation, first and foremost, you need to seek legal advice from an attorney, not an advocate, and not a journalist. Specifically, you need to get a lawyer for your child. While the child may receive a Guardian ad litem, a Gal does what is best for the state, not for the child.

Most importantly, educate yourself and do your research on everything and everyone that you encounter. Luckily all the education in the world is at your fingertips at any given moment, so don’t be afraid to use it.



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