Outrage As California Governor Jerry Brown Requires Students Learn Arabic Numerals

Online outrage has spread after a satire Facebook page claims California Governor Jerry Brown is requiring students to learn Arabic numerals

  • America’s Last Line of Defense posted the meme on Tuesday

  • Hundreds of angry people filled the comment section to denounce the use of Arabic numerals in California schools

  • The Arabic numeral system is the most common used system around the world

American citizens are outraged after learning California’s Democratic Governor Jerry Brown will require students to learn Arabic numbers.

The news came from the Facebook page “America’s Last Line Of Defense.” The image causing the outrage reads, “SHARIA Law Must Be Stopped! Under Gov. Brown, students in California are now required to learn ARABIC numerals. Gov. Brown wants ARABIC Numerals. Comment 1-10 how much this angers you.”

In a stunning display of America’s lack of education, the comment section quickly filled with angry Facebook users. Some were so mad that a scale of 1-10 was not enough, with people saying they were a 500! The post has been shared almost 6,000 times since introduced to social media roughly 12 hours before this article was published.

In case you were not familiar, Arabic numbers, also known as Hindu–Arabic numerals, consist of ten digits, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Indian mathematicians around 500 CE developed the number system which later would become the “most common system for the symbolic representation of numbers in the world today.”

Arabic mathematicians initially adopted the number system in Baghdad, then passed it along to Arabs to the west. Evidence suggests the current numeral form was developed from Arabic letters in the Maghreb.

Italian scholar Leonardo Fibonacci first encountered the numerals in the African city of Bejaia. Fibonacci was the primary reason Arabic numerals were known throughout Europe. Europe managed to spread the numerals to the rest of the world through European trade, books, and colonizing in the western hemisphere.

Aside from the imaginary threat that Arabic numerals are going to poison the minds of American children, America’s Last Line of Defense Facebook page clearly states in their mission statement they exist “To provide an entertaining safe haven from the real news of the day.”

We are here to provide you with information you can use to continue being as informed as a conservative feels comfortable with. Please don’t use our page in conjunction with Google or the news, it will only serve to confuse you further.

You can’t help but laugh at how many people just lost their shit over a satirical Facebook page’s post referencing the world’s most common numerical system in existence. However, it is sad enough to make you cry when you stop to think how many people just displayed their disgust of using a number system they already used their whole life just because they believed it was Arabic tradition being forced upon children. Are we making America great again or what?



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