“Burrito Bob” Calls Police On Man Eating Burrito On Bay Area Train

Burrito Bob is trending after a man was filmed calling the police on a Bay Area Rapid Transit train for a man eating a burrito

  • The man is the fourth person to go viral for a police related incident in the Bay Area

  • Days ago Allison Ettel became known as Permit Patty after threatening to call police on an 8-year-old-girl selling water

  • In June Henry Sintay became known as Jogger Joe for throwing a homeless man’s stuff in Lake Merritt

  • In May Jennifer Shulte became known as BBQ Becky after calling the police on a group of black people barbecuing at Lake Merritt

A man in Northern California is receiving Internet fame after going viral for calling the cops on a man eating a burrito on a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) train in Oakland.

The man is being referred to as “Burrito Bob”, and he is the newest addition to a trend of people overreacting to trivial situations and calling the cops. The hashtag #BurritoBob is trending, just as other Bay Area hashtags #PermitPatty, #BBQBecky and #JoggerJoe did after their videos went viral.

In the video, the man is heard saying, “You can’t wait? The sign says no eating or drinking. You don’t get it? You must be stupid.” He then gets up and walks to the BART car’s intercom. The man goes on to say “I’ll get the police on board, how about that?” as he requests an officer.

Yes please, can you get a policeman on board here? We’ve got someone dining here in the first car.

The video was initially uploaded to reddit by R0b815 earlier this week. The caption on the video reads, “Man on BART calls for police to report another rider “dining” on the train. Public Transportation Freakout 🚌” The video is currently going viral on social media.

Earlier in the week, Allison Ettel went viral after threatening to call the police on an 8-year-old girl selling bottled water. Ettel quickly became known as “Permit Patty.” Following her viral attention, Ettel made the decision to resign from her position as CEO of Treatwell Health.

“In a heated moment, a critically wrong decision was made by our CEO. The guilt lies in that decision, and while it was completely wrong, the act that followed was not motivated by any racist intent whatsoever,” a statement from Treatwell read after people in the cannabis industry began calling for a boycott against the company.

BBQ Becky

In May, Dr. Jennifer Shulte became known as BBQ Becky, after she called the police on a group of black people barbequing in Oakland, California at Lake Merritt. Shulte went viral in the full video which lasted roughly a half-hour.

The video ends after police arrive on the scene and Shulte begins crying and claiming she was the one being harassed.

Jogger Joe

Henry Sintay became known as Jogger Joe after he was seen throwing a homeless man’s possessions into Lake Merritt on June 8. After being confronted on June 9, Sintay stole Matt Nelson’s cell phone, which was recorded by a third party. Sintay is due to be in court again on August 1 for the incident.



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