Burger King’s Viral “Whopper Neutrality” Video Just Showed Us People Still Do Not Understand Net Neutrality

A viral video from Burger King that introduces Whopper Neutrality repeal is showing how confused some people are when it comes to Net Neutrality

  • The viral video shows exactly what could happen if Net Neutrality is repealed

  • On Facebook the video has been viewed almost 2 million times in under 24 hours

  • Burger King takes the role of an Internet Service Provider for the video

On Wednesday, Burger King posted a video on their Facebook page showing the introduction of “Whopper Neutrality repeal.” In the video,the repeal of Whopper Neutrality confuses and angers customers as they are told they will have to wait longer for their food or pay an outrageous amount.

It should not take long to realize Whopper Neutrality is a reference for Net Neutrality. In the video, customers are confused when they find out they will have to wait an additional amount of time if they are not willing to pay $26 bucks for the best Making Burgers Per Second (MBPS). The MBPS represents the possible “fast lanes” that could come from the repeal of Net Neutrality.

The video quickly went viral. In the 17 hours since the video was posted, it has received over 1.7 million views on Facebook alone. There are over 2.6 thousand comments at the moment, which gives a disturbing look at just how confused some are when it comes to Net Neutrality.

Many seem to believe that what is being portrayed in the video is Net Neutrality. That is the opposite of what we are seeing. The video shows what the Internet could become without the protection of Net Neutrality. What we see in Burger King’s video is what could happen if Net Neutrality is repealed.

In the video, Burger King is acting as an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since the repeal of Whopper Neutrality in the video, Burger King is allowed to make a profit as they please off their customers with little to no regard of their satisfaction.

Burger King has realized they can make a killing selling chicken products, but obviously, they are known for the Whopper. The big wigs at corporate figured out if they create different speed and costs lanes for Whoppers, there is a higher chance that customers will order a chicken product. Even if they do not go for the chicken, the price to receive a Whopper in a reasonable timeframe is more than enough to make a killing.

Some have argued in the comments that they would simply go to McDonald’s or Wendys, which shows they are not understanding what is going on. In this scenario, a different fast food place would be comparable to a different ISP, which means that they too may have placed the different pricing tiers on their food as well, and it may even be more expensive with a longer wait.



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