Video From Bryan Baker Raid Leaves Entire Achille Police Department Suspended

  • Baker is a Board member on the Town’s Board of Trustees
  • After Baker uploaded his video all Achille officers were suspended with pay
  • The Board of Trustees will decide if the officers are terminated

A disturbing viral video on Facebook has left an entire police department suspended. The police department for Achille, Oklahoma was placed on paid leave for a week after a video of a raid on Achille Board Member Bryan Baker went viral.

In the video, Baker is already sitting on the ground with an officer on his back. The officer is heard saying, “Give me your fucking hand!” Baker looks at his camera and shows his other hand then says, “I haven’t resisted.” While an officer tries to handcuff him, Baker asks why. The officer is heard saying, “You know what? You’re fucking resisting. I’m gonna beat your fucking ass.”

After getting Baker handcuffed, the officer says they are there for a search warrant. The officers turn their attention to Ashley Baker who was recording the incident and holding the couple’s baby. An officer says, “Put the baby down because you’re next.” The two ask if the officers can go across the streets and get their parents to watch the child. Shortly after, an officer is heard saying “Shut your fucking mouth.” An officer inevitably grabs Ashley’s arm and place her in handcuffs. The phone falls to the floor and the video ends shortly later. Throughout the video, Baker can be heard asking to see the search warrant. Officers do not provide Baker with the search warrant in the video.

Michael Coble rents an apartment from Baker. Coble says police also searched his apartment and confiscated his legally owned gun. Police took Coble’s gun and attempted to charge Baker for it. Coble said his gun was later returned to him after being confiscated and police attempted to charge Baker for it.

So they came in there and got my weapon and tried charging my neighbor with it, which I think is cruel. If it wasn’t found in their house, they should have packed up and left.

All four officers of the Achille Police Department have been placed on a paid suspension. According to Achille Mayor David Northcutt, the officers could be terminated. Next week the Town’s Board of Trustees will review body camera footage and interview the officers. The trustees — which after Baker’s incident three out of five of have had recent encounters with law enforcement — shows Achille may have some serious issues in their leadership.

Councilman Lynn Chambers was arrested in December after a raid on his residence resulted in officers recovering 200 grams of meth, two pounds of marijuana, and several guns. A total of five people were arrested and charged with meth trafficking and possession of weapons. During the drug bust, police say they found children inside the home, which could result in additional child endangerment charges. In 2010, while he was mayor of Achilles, Chambers was arrested for embezzlement. He was later found not guilty.

A month before Chambers was arrested, Northcutt was arrested for burglary and possession of meth. It was reported that a Calera homeowner chased Northcutt and Joshua Doughty out of his house with a shotgun. Police later caught the mayor and his friend and found methamphetamine. Northcutt claims the two had no intentions of committing a burglary. According to Northcutt, the two were backroading along the river in a Jeep when the vehicle became stuck in the mud. He claims the two were only looking for assistance to get the vehicle out.

I got the Jeep stuck in mud, and we were going to walk down the road either to his home, or to find assistance to help us get the jeep out of the mud

Northcutt claims the two men knocked on the front door and were let inside by someone who gave them blankets and said they could sleep until morning. Roughly an hour later, Northcutt said he woke up to a shotgun in his face. The two men were chased off the property. After the chase, the two continued on foot until Calera police caught them and arrested them. The men admitted they were both using meth. Northcutt said until recently he had been clean from drugs for 13 years.

Northcutt, who is openly gay, made news over the weekend once again after a man at a convenience store viciously beat him on Saturday. According to Northcutt, the man approached him and began saying homophobic rhetoric. The man challenged Northcutt to a fight, to which he declined. Witnesses say the man punched Northcutt in the face then stomped him once he was on the ground. Northcutt suffered a broken nose, two black eyes and needed stitches due to the attack. Achille police say a local business owner is believed to be the attacker. Since the attack was said to be related to Northcutt being a homosexual, the FBI is investigating the attack as a hate crime.



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