Brenton Tarrant Full Video Of Al Noor Mosque Attack In Christchurch New Zealand Is Horrifying

  • Tarrant recorded the entire attack through Facebook LIVE
  • The 16 minute video shows Tarrant before and after the shooting
  • Four people are currently in custody following the shooting

It is said a man going by the name of Brenton Tarrant is responsible for a mass shooting at the Al Noor Mosque located in the City of Christchurch, New Zealand. Tarrant’s name has not been confirmed but it appears it was the name he went by on social media.

In a 16 minute Facebook LIVE video, Tarrant is seen driving in his car for several minutes as a song called “Remove Kebab” plays and his GPS gives him directions to the mosque. According to Urban Dictionary, Kebab is a memetic euphemism for ethnic cleansing directed against Bosnian Turks specifically originating from Serbia. The song Remove Kebab is about ethnic cleansing, much like Tarrant’s manifesto. At the beginning of the video, Tarrant says “subscribe to Pewdiepie.”

Once Tarrant gets to the mosque, he parks his vehicle and goes to the back hatch. He pulls out a rifle and appears to be armed with several weapons and what appears to be two explosive devices made from gas cans. Tarrant walks up to the front door of the mosque, raises his rifle and begins shooting. Once inside he throws down his first rifle and switches to another. People are seen fleeing from him as he walks the hall shooting anybody he can see. Tarrant then enters a larger room where people are huddling in the corners. He once again opens fire with no concern. It appears children were among the victims.

Tarrant goes back to his vehicle and grabs another weapon and seems to mess with one of the possible explosive devices. On his way to his car, Tarrant wildly shoots down the street and towards incoming traffic. After retrieving another weapon from his vehicle, Tarrant goes back inside the mosque and continues shooting anyone he can, including those already wounded on the ground.

Tarrant goes to leave the mosque. Along the way a woman is laying in the gutter trying to raise her hand and screaming “help me.” Tarrant shoots the woman twice before going back to his car. He then runs her body over as he holds a shotgun and fires it out of his front windshield then through his passenger window.

Tarrant posted a manifesto where he speaks of ethnic cleansing. In a bizarre Q & A with himself, Tarrant says no group ordered the attack. He claims to have made the decision for himself but did have the blessing of the reborn Knights Templar. In the manifesto, Tarrant says he is a 28-year-old “ordinary white man.” He goes on to say he was born in Australia to a low income, working-class family.


Tarrant was also very open about the shooting on his social media. On his weapons he had the names of other mass shooters. All of Tarrant’s social media pages have been deleted. he also posted about other terrorist attacks and seemed to look up to the attackers. He posted many stories against immigrants and Muslims.

It is not clear how many people were killed at this time. According to
New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush, three women and one male are in custody at this time



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