Breaking: Fire reported next to the main camp in Standing Rock

A fire has been reported next to the main camp in field next to the main camp in Standing Rock

Update: The fire appears to be burning itself out. It should only be a matter of hours before the fire is out. Only a smaller area of grass was damaged in tonight’s fire.

In Standing Rock a fire has broken out next to the main camp in a field.

Witnesses say two possible “agitators” were asked to leave the camp, at which point they got into a white Honda. Shortly after, the fire was spotted. At this time it is unknown what started the fire.

Dakota Access security have been spotted on sight after the fire started. Local livestreamer Myron Dewey is on the scene, but seems to be having trouble getting service at the moment.

The grass fire is reported to look worse than it is. At this time, the fire is said to be moving away from the camp and nobody appears to be in any imminent danger.

We will keep you updated with any necessary updates to this developing story.



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