Admitted Child Molester Brandon Lloyd Accepts Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett’s Plea Agreement Offering Probation

Admitted child molester Brandon Lloyd accepted Sedgwick County, Kansas DA Marc Bennett’s plea bargain

  • Brandon Michael Lloyd was charged with several child sex crimes on October 12, 2016

  • Under the terms of the plea agreement Lloyd will be placed on probation with time served

  • Lloyd will also be allowed to move to Ohio where he would serve his probation

Last week The Daily Haze released audio of Sedgwick County, Kansas District Attorney Marc Bennett explaining to a victim’s parents why he was offering an admitted child molester probation.

Brandon Michael Lloyd is still in Sedgwick County Jail charged with six counts of Aggravated Incest, one count of Criminal Sodomy with a Child, one count of Aggravated Indecent Liberties with a Child, and one count of Aggravated Criminal Sodomy.

Despite Lloyd admitting to the charges, Bennett offered him a plea agreement of probation with time served. Lloyd has been in Sedgwick County Jail since October 12, 2016.

Along with his probation, Lloyd would also be allowed to move to Ohio to serve his probation. Bennett also agreed to take away the most severe charge against Lloyd, Aggravated Criminal Sodomy, even though he admitted to the crime. In the audio, Bennett says that Lloyd did not want that charge.

The victim’s family is still shocked that the offer was ever made. The young girl that was brave enough to come forward is now worried she will have to live in fear for herself and others due to Bennett’s offer that would allow Lloyd to walk the streets.

There is still hope for the victim to see justice. Even though Lloyd accepted the plea agreement, Judge Christopher Magana does not have to allow it. On June 29, 2017,┬áMagana will sentence Lloyd, at which time he can choose to go against Bennett’s suggested offer of probation and instead sentence him to jail.



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