ESPN 92.9 FM producer Brad Carson falsely named in viral racist video

Viral video shows a racially charged road rage incident

  • Social media names wrong man in the video

  • The video was recorded in Memphis, Tennessee

A video was uploaded to the Facebook account of Skye Lev eight hours ago showing a racially charged road rage moment. The video has been viewed two million times since it was uploaded. The status with the video reads as follows.

This is a prime example of why you should get out and vote! Guy got heated and decided to share w/ me what him and his family thinks about me and my people because I didn’t allow him to speed up and stop me from changing lanes in traffic. I could’ve ended up doing 20 to life over this but instead I decided to show him respect, that he clearly didn’t deserve, because I have children to be here for. Lord thank you for this patience and self control that you blessed me with! GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE!!!!

The video

The video was filmed in Memphis Tennessee after an incident occurred while driving that appears to be the fault of the man recording. It begins with a man appearing to walk back to his car when he stops and turns to the man recording and says, “What’s up buddy?”

The man recording responds with, “Oh, now I’m your buddy,” suggesting the situation may have already been heated before the video started.

He┬áthen begins preaching for Trump’s presidency and immediately follows up with saying black lives do not matter, then strangely asks for proof of why black lives matter. We are not entirely sure what kind of proof the man was demanding for him to feel that black lives matter.

Keyboard warriors unite

The video in whole is 4:36 of pure ignorance and hate. With over 20,000 comments, the Internet has officially begun the hunt for the racist man in the video.

Brad Carson, an Executive Producer at ESPN 92.9 FM in Memphis, has been wrongfully named as the man in the viral hate video. It is not clear who named Carson as the culprit, but his Facebook is now set to private, and he addressed the video on his Twitter account.

In his tweet, Carson said, “Not me. I’m not sure who tagged me, but it’s sick.”


One tweet to Carson said it was funny that Carson was being accused of being a racist, to which he responded, “It’s actually not funny. It’s disgusting.”


Carson has now become the victim of Internet justice, without doing anything to provoke it. While many times the Internet comes in useful when finding someone from a viral video, this is not one of those times.



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