The Boy In The Concrete Tomb Part 1: The Death Of Evan Brewer

On September 2, the remains of 3-year-old Evan Brewer were found inside a concrete block inside a residence in Wichita, Kansas

  • Evan’s mother Miranda “Mandy” Miller and her boyfriend Stephen “Bo” Bodine kept Evan from his father Carlo Brewer the majority of 2017

  • On July 6, 2017 Brewer was granted full custody of Evan but nobody could contact Bodine and Miller

  • On August 30, the couple’s neighbor called police after he witnessed Bodine and Miller packing a UHAUL truck

  • Bodine and Miller were arrested on August 30 but refused to tell law enforcement Evan’s location

  • After filing an eviction the couples landlord discovered a cement block in the utility room of the residence

  • Evan’s remains were later confirmed to be inside the concrete block

On September 2, 2017, in Wichita, Kansas, Dwayne Haukap made a grisly discovery. A large concrete block, with a wooden frame and caster wheels. Haukap believed 3-year-old Evan Brewer was inside the concrete tomb. Unfortunately, Haukap’s intuition was correct.

Evan was the grandson of former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer, so needless to say, the discovery of the young boy’s body sent shock through the community. Following the release of a probable cause affidavit, the story behind Evan’s death is darker than any could have imagined.

2037 S Vine

On March 17, 2017, Evan’s father Carlo Brewer reported to the Wichita Police Department he had not seen his son for approximately one month. At the time, Evan was living with his mother, Miranda “Mandy” Miller and her boyfriend, Stephen “Bo” Bodine at 2037 S Vine.

Carlo told WPD that he had made contact with Miller at the door where he noticed that the skin on the front of Evan’s nose appeared to be scraped off. Bodine told Carlo through text that he was now handling visitation matters, and that Carlo was no longer allowed to see Evan. WPD officers attempted to make contact with Bodine and Miller at their residence and by phone but received no answer.

On July 6, 2017, Carlo was granted full custody of Evan under a Sedgwick County protection from abuse case. Miller did not attend the hearing, and PFA orders were issued against both her and Bodine. Both were not allowed contact with Evan, and Carlo was granted sole custody. There was only one problem, Evan remained with Bodine and Miller, and neither one was willing to cooperate with the outcome of the hearing.

Following the July custody hearing, the WPD opened a case of interference with parental custody against Bodine and Miller. The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office claims to have attempted to serve the PFA orders multiple times between July 6, and July 17. On July 17, the PFA orders were affixed to the front door of Bodine and Miller’s residence.

On August 18, Haukap received a text stating Bodine and Miller were out of town with Evan. Haukap believed the text came from a number associated with Miller. Then on August 30, a neighbor of the couple contacted police when they saw a UHAUL truck backed into the driveway of Bodine and Miller’s driveway. The neighbor witnessed Bodine and Miller packing the truck as if they were moving.

Bodine And Miller Arrest

WPD confirmed there was a UHAUL truck in the driveway and set up surveillance to apprehend the couple. Miller left in her vehicle and was arrested for interference with parental custody. At the time of her arrest, Evan was not in the vehicle and there was no child seat in the car.

After Miller’s arrest, officers went to the couple’s residence where Bodine was arrested for a felony pick up after he came outside of the residence. Neither Bodine or Miller would give Evan’s location. It is noted in the affidavit that Miller did not speak to law enforcement.

On August 24, Haukap filed an eviction action in the Sedgwick County District Court, which was granted on August 30. On September 1, Haukap’s lawyer placed the “Writ of Restitution” on the doors, and at that time he regained possession. On September 2, Haukap entered the residence to begin cleaning the property.

While Haukap was working in the utility room, he discovered a platform covered in carpet with toolboxes stacked on top. When he went to move the object, he realized it was much heavier than he expected. Haukap removed the toolboxes and pulled off the carpet and was shocked to see the platform was a concrete block.

The Concrete Tomb

Haukap drove to a hardware store to purchase a sledgehammer to break the concrete block open. Once back at the residence, Haukap began hitting the block to break it open. Haukap told officers he was crying while hitting the concrete block because he feared Evan was inside. In the affidavit, Haukap stated the block reminded him of a tomb.

As Haukap broke through the concrete block, he was hit by a terrible rotting odor emanating from the block. Haukap believed the smell was Evan, so at that point, he stopped and called the police. When police arrived, Haukap brought an officer back to the utility room. The first officer to respond was able to smell the rotting odor immediately and noted that flies were landing on the cracked area of the block.

Following the discovery of the concrete block, a post-Miranda interview with Bodine was conducted. Bodine claimed he had no clue where Miller had the young boy, and that he had not seen him since May. During the interview, Bodine said that even though he did not know Evan’s location, he was sure he was “in good hands.” Bodine claimed that Carlo threatened to take Evan away, but Miller was not going to allow him to do so.

After the court orders were final Bodine claimed he moved in with Miller, but Evan was already gone. Bodine claimed the concrete block was created as a “burn thing” to keep a fire pit off of the grass. During the interview, Bodine was asked if Evan was inside the concrete block. Bodine responded, “You wouldn’t think so.” Bodine was asked a second time if Evan was inside the box. Once again, Bodine responded, “You wouldn’t think so.”

The concrete block was removed from the residence and taken to the Sedgwick County Regional Forensic Science Center (SCRFSC). Evan’s remains were found inside the concrete block wrapped in several layers. According to the affidavit, Evan’s remains were wrapped in “tar/felt roofing paper, a fitted bed sheet with Ninja Turtle characters on it, grey duct tape, linoleum flooring, and bath towels.”

No Gross Anatomic Cause Of Death

SCRFSC Medical Investigators took the remains and confirmed it was Evan inside the concrete block. On September 23, Dr. Kipper MD performed an autopsy on Evan’s remains. Kipper listed the cause and manner of death as undetermined and undetermined. At the time of the autopsy, Evan’s body was so decomposed that any damage to the soft skin or brain was not visible.

Kipper did note that there was “no gross anatomic cause of death,” along with “probable contusion of right posterior parietal scalp, possible concussion of right cheek, and possible right sided periorbital contusion.”

Bodine and Miller are both held in Sedgwick County Jail on a $525,000 bail. Bodine is charged with aggravated assault, criminal damage to property, 1st-degree murder, aggravated interference with parental custody, and child abuse. Miller is charged with aggravated interference with parental custody, 1st-degree murder, and child abuse.

Stephen Bodine and Miranda Miller Affidavit by The Daily Haze on Scribd



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