Bounty Put Out on Black Bloc Assailant Who Sucker Punched Richard Spencer on Video

Someone sucker-punched alt-right leader Richard Spencer on Inauguration Day, and now there’s a bounty on his head

  • Debate soon raged over whether or not punching a ‘Nazi’ is acceptable if the opportunity presents itself

  • An unidentified black-clad assailant now has a price on his head in the form of a bounty over $5,000

  • It could be a matter of days before Spencer’s supporters learn the man’s name and initiate revenge

Known white supremacist and alt-right leader Richard Spencer’s face was bashed by a sucker punch on Inauguration Day, and now his attacker — both championed and excoriated after video of the incident went viral around the world — has garnered a bounty on his head.

Following the ‘punch-a-Nazi’ heard ‘round the world, Spencer’s supporters cobbled together at least one self-fund page dedicated to bringing the attacker to justice for the degrading act — particularly focusing on identifying the black-clad man who opportuned the on-camera surprise.

“Let’s bust this wannabe black bloc boxer,” Wesearchr Staff wrote on the website page devoted to exposing the identity of the Nazi-punching man dressed for the tactic of evading identification by authorities.

A Wesearchr update two days after Donald Trump took the oath of office stated, “The Minimum has been reached and this is now a Wanted Bounty! Keep funding it! The more money it raises, the bigger the incentive for an Answer becomes.”

Then, on Tuesday, another update stated, “Information on the suspect who is the subject of this bounty will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate law enforcement departments. As our terms of service and disclaimers state, this is not a call for any vigilante justice, libel, or other illegal action.”

Wesearchr indeed proclaims not to advocate further or reciprocal violence, but the stated goal of the bounty for the lone puncher intimates potential undercurrents to the contrary:

“This was President Trump’s Inauguration, and the violent communists, anarchists, and leftists known as ANTIFA were out in full force, destroying the city, with cover from the D.C. police and the lying media.

“The ANTIFA thug who violently assaulted Spencer hid his face behind a mask, but some think they caught a glimpse of his face.

“There’s not much to go on — but let’s identify the ANTIFA criminal who punched Richard Spencer.”

Debate raged after the clip of the sucker punch went viral over whether or not preemptive violence has any justification moral, ethical, or otherwise in the name of halting potential genocide or other human rights abuse.

Whatever your position on this matter, Spencer was not seriously injured nor permanently disfigured by the unknown assailant’s rough elbow to his face. Indeed, the only real casualty of this viral sucker punch is the white nationalist leader’s pride.

And in that vein — although violence not employed in self defense comprises one center of debate on the incident — the furor of Spencer’s supporters seems off-kilter in comparison to the actual blow of the elbow.

With the subtly planted double entendre of seeking the man’s identity while terming it ‘bounty,’ it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine a smattering of Spencer’s zealous supporters chomping at the bit to return such a sucker punch — if not far worse.

Humiliation, after all — and particularly on the public platform of social media viral video — can be seen as one of the strongest drivers of revenge.

And if Spencer’s alt-right and/or white nationalist supporters do, indeed, manage to discover the man’s identity, his physical safety could easily be in peril.


Some claimed to have vetted the information and leaked the identity of Spencer’s opportunistic attacker. According to Wesearchr,

“UPDATE: Many are saying he has already been identified as a poop-eating degenerate called ‘Ray.’ We are also told that this ‘Ray’ character is deceased. Either way, we need more CONCLUSIVE PROOF as to who the ANTIFA attacker is, proof that would satisfy a police department, not just an MS paint meme.”

Soon enough, we might learn through law enforcement or, worse, Spencer’s supporters, who, exactly seized such a stunning opportunity to deliver that sucker punch.

Until then, the person who managed such a public attack without having their identity immediately divulged might do well to stick to the darkest shadows available.



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