Bobby Cowan Shocked To Find A Den Of Rattlesnakes Under Texas Cabin

Texas Rancher Bobby Cowan posted a viral video of a rattlesnake den under an abandoned cabin located at his Texas ranch

  • His original video has received over 3 million views

  • Cowan and two friends counted 36 rattlesnakes as they moved them away from livestock

  • Luckily the rattlesnakes were slow moving most likely due to the cold weather

A viral video shows the moment Bobby Cowan found a den of rattlesnakes his cabin. Cowan made the terrifying discovery at his Gorman, Texas ranch, then posted the video to his Facebook on December 18 where it has received over 3 million views.

Cowan told WMUR he and his friends Matt Stanley and Levi Kirkland had gone out to do some work on a windmill when they noticed a small rattlesnake go under an abandoned cabin. The three men decided they wanted to see the snake again, so they lifted the cabin with a skid loader.

The men were stunned to see an entire den of rattlesnakes. Cowan said the sound of their rattles and color of their skin immediately let the men know they were dealing with deadly rattlesnakes.

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The men lowered the cabin back down to process their discovery. After a few minutes, they decided to lift the cabin again and get video of their discovery. After lifting the cabin a second time, the men felt a little more relieved when they realized how slow the snakes were moving. The snakes were most likely slowed down due to the cold weather.

Welp… look what Bobby just found at our place in Gorman!!!!!!!!!#jesusforrealtakethewheel #nope Levi Kirkland Matt Stanley

The men decided to move the deadly snakes to another part of the property where no livestock was located. The men used long sticks and trash cans to pick the snakes up by the back of their heads and relocate them a distance away from where they were seen on the viral video.

In total, Cowan said they counted 36 snakes, but he said there could have been as many as fifty. Social media users are in awe of the video. Other pages have begun sharing it, including the page LiveLeak Club. The video has received over 700,000 views on that page on top of Cowan’s views. The video is for sure something you do not see every day, one hopes at least.



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