The Bizarre Love Story Of Wesley Walls And Kelly Lynne Wetzel

The Internet is captivated with the bizarre love affair between Wesley Walls and Kelly Lynne Wetzel

  • Posts between the couple are being shared after Facebook users discovered what was going on in the comment sections

  • Walls’ mother Annmarie Flitcraft claims the two are first cousins

  • People from around the world have been commenting #ForgiveWesley on Flitcraft’s Facebook

  • A picture of the couple posted by Walls has been shared over 57,000 times with the instructions to read the comments

If Jerry Springer ran a Facebook comment thread, it would surely be a thread that recently has the Internet captivated with one of the strangest love stories ever to be played out on social media.

The story is somewhat hard to follow, but this is what we have been able to put together. Wesley Walls and Kelly Lynne Wetzel have a beautiful and undying love. Everything appeared to be perfect for our two young lovebirds, but like great love stories before them, tragedy was inevitable.

On January 1, Wetzel posted a selfie on her Facebook. The caption on the image revealed the love of her life was taken from her. Due to the loss of Walls, Wetzel claimed she had returned to her “old ways.” Wetzel claimed she had been drinking, battling with depression and hiding in her room.

I hope they are happy. I’m back to my old ways. Been drinking. Hiding in my room. Depression is back 10× worse. The love of my life is gone. Wesley Walls Wesley Walls I love you so much. I’ll never give up on you. Only if I’m dead.

Reading through the comment section of the image is like reading a modern day Romeo and Juliet. As it turns out, Walls’ mother Annmarie Flitcraft does not approve of the couples love. Where the story slightly differs from Romeo and Juliet is that instead of a family feud keeping them separated it is because they are first cousins.

After a couple of comments on the image, Flitcraft dropped the bomb. In response to other comments, she said, “Bonnie Davis they are first cousins you and Wesley are brothers you guys got the same dad.”


People have been digging through all three accounts now to try and get the full story on what is going on. An image of the couple shared by Walls on April 15 has been shared 57,000 times, with a large number of those instructing social media users to read the comments. In the comments, Flitcraft is mad the two have still been in a relationship. In the comments, Flitcraft forces Walls to choose between her and Wetzel but also tells him it is already too late.

A third post that has gained attention from social media users is a memory that was shared by Wetzel. The original post was made on August 31, 2017. The post contains four images of an injury on the back of her head with the caption “My head wound from me fighting the street.”

Despite her original caption claiming the injuries occurred while “fighting the street,” when Wetzel shared the memory on August 31 she now claimed that Walls was the one who gave her the injury, a claim many are saying Wetzel is only making since their story has gone viral.

Meanwhile, Flitcraft’s profile is being swarmed by Facebook users from around the world asking her to forgive her son. The hashtag #ForgiveWesley is on posts all down her page. Many are include what country they are commenting from, like “#forgivewesley from Greenland.” It has yet to be seen if Flitcraft will forgive her son, or if the couple is truly done.

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