Billy Rogers “Billy Boi” $3.4 Million Facebook Lottery Scam

Billy Rogers “Billy Boi” Facebook account claims to be giving out $100 million after wining the lottery

  • The post claims the first 100,000 shares will receive $1,000

  • After just five hours the post received over 75,000 shares

  • The post was originally shared on Twitter in September

On Monday night a post from the Facebook account of “Billy Rogers (Billy Boi)” went viral several times with the same screenshot claiming to be the winner of a $3.4 million lottery. The post is an image of a Paypal account balance with the name covered up. Rogers has posted it multiple times on two separate accounts.

As some of you may know I am the recent $3.4 million lotto winner. I’d like to spread some positivity so I’m sending $1,000 to the first 100k people that share this☺☺☺ Comment done after you shared.

One of the posts was shared over 75,000 times in just five hours. Some people noticed right away that Rogers numbers did not add up correctly. If what Rogers is saying is true, the amount of money he is offering to give away would be $100 million, much more than the $3.4 million he claimed to have won.

If you think Rogers may just be bad with math, you should also know the same screenshot was posted on Twitter almost two months ago. On September 16, Twitter user @Hey_Im_Jonathan tweeted the exact same image with the name still in the picture. The caption reads almost the same as Rogers’ post.

As some of you may know I am the recent $3.4 million lotto winner. I’d like to spread some positivity so I’m sending $1,000 to the first 100k people that retweet this☺☺☺

So why would someone lie about giving away millions of dollars on social media? There is a good chance that Rogers is doing it to gain a quick following, and so far it is working. Rogers account has over 110,000 followers at the time of this article.

A second Facebook account that appears to belong to Rogers under the name “Billy Mack Rogers” has been sharing the same posts, many of which are videos and pictures of large amounts of money. The second account has gained just over 47,000 followers.

Rogers appears to have been a rapper at one point of time under the name “Billy Boi.” The YouTube channel “BillyBoiWorld” has around 100 videos dating back eight years. It has been roughly three years since Rogers has posted a video to the YouTube account.

A Google search shows Rogers also had a Twitter account under the handle @BillyBoiMoney, but the account has been suspended.

On social media Rogers has been flashing stacks of cash for many years. The cash could be prop cash from music videos shoots or it could be real, but he is not the winner of a $3.4 million lottery and he is not the first one to pull that scam. Be cautious and do not give out any private information to anybody online under the guise of receiving money.



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