‘Billy N Meaghan Hill’ Delete Facebook Following Viral Child Abuse Video

Billy Hill and Meaghan Hill have been identified as the parents involved in a viral child abuse video in London, Kentucky

  • Holly Washington uploaded the viral video to her Facebook on Wednesday

  • The couple deleted their Facebook shortly after being identified

  • Facebook users have since been blaming the wrong Meaghan Hill for the video

A viral video shows a child being abused in a grocery store in London, Kentucky. Social media users have already confirmed Meaghan Hill is the girl’s mother and Billy Hill is the step-father.

Holly Washington uploaded the video to her Facebook on Wednesday. Washington names the mother and step-father and says they live in London, but she cannot get help from local authorities. The video has been viewed over 127,000 times since it was uploaded.

This woman’s name is meaghan hill and the stepdads name is billy hill. I’m trying to have something done but it seems like no one is doing anything, help me get this out there. This is abuse and it’s wrong. She lives in London Ky.

The video starts with Billy holding the young girl’s arm. Meaghan grabs her arm and pulls the girl towards her. The girl buries her face in her free arm. Meaghan then appears to jab the girl in the face, before slapping her in the head at which point the girl falls to the ground, then forces the girl to stand up by her hair.

Shortly after being identified, a shared Facebook account under the name “Billy N Meaghan Hill” was deleted. This has been confirmed to be the couples Facebook, but some social media users have still been naming false accounts. Unfortunately, harassing the wrong person is quite common when social media users begin a battle for Internet justice.

A screenshot that surfaced in the comments of Washington’s post claims to be from another of Meaghan’s children. In the post, the alleged sibling claims his mother did not abuse his sister and only slapped her. The person in the post shared Washington’s video then attempted to defend Meaghan.

My mom does not do this my sister was acting up just about a year ago this video was my my slapped her not punched her this is bullshit a little 15 year old girl posted this bc my brother broke up with her my mom is not a child abuser this is bullshit I need help someone plz my mom is not a child abuser this is bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Law enforcement in the area has not spoken on the video yet, although that is surely coming. Multiple people have posted screenshots of their messages to the London Police Department and contact information to report a crime. It is common in these viral videos that police act very quickly to avoid their phones and social media being clogged by angry social media users.



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