Billy Brislane Quits “Fried Fishing” Page After Backlash From Viral Shark Bong Video

  • The video showed Brislane using a dead shark as a bong while the Baby Shark Song played in the background
  • The video went viral after being posted to the Fried Fishing Facebook page
  • Brislane announced early Monday morning he was walking away from all social media due to the backlash

On Sunday, Billy Brislane felt the wrath of the Internet after he uploaded a video to his Facebook page “Fried Fishing” — which follows a group of Australian fishers — where he was seen using a dead shark as a bong.

In the video, Brislane is seen on a boat holding the shark that has tubes sticking out of it for it to be a functioning smoking device. In the background, the “Baby Shark Song” can be heard playing. Brislane puts one of the tubes to his mouth and lights the bowl. He is then seen blowing out a cloud as he nods his head to the song.

Brislane apparently believed the video was going to go over better than it did. The video quickly got thousands of views and pissed off a lot of social media users. By early Monday morning, the Fried Fishing page made a post saying the outrage was too much for the four admins to handle. With all the hate that had been received, Brislane announced he was walking away from social media due to his “mental health.”

I never thought id have to do this but today has become too much 4 admins run this page and all of us have spent our whole day filtering removing and coping abusive messages as far as to death threats
Due to the fact of false media that i never got to put a comment in.
I started friedfishing sitting around a fire drinking beers doing dumb stuff and we thought we would start filming it and it grew into a place where like minded people had a laugh and enjoyed it
I personally talk to alot of guys from my page and have made great friends.
But due to todays recent events i have to walk away from social media my mental health is way more important
Thanks for the laughs guys

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Two social media accounts on Facebook that appear to belong to Brislane remained up at the time of this article. However, one of the accounts appears to have been abandoned long ago, as the last update was in 2012. The other account updated the cover photo on September 20, 2018.



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