Berlin New Jersey Police Say Caseworker Was Not Held Against Her Will

Berlin, New Jersey police say a caseworker was never held against her will following a standoff on Thursday

  • FOX 10 Phoenix claimed a woman was holding a caseworker against her will after barricading herself in her house

  • Berlin Police Department say the caseworker was never harmed or held against her will

  • The standoff lasted for six hours before the woman was taken into custody to receive a mental evaluation

Since Thursday, over 100,000 people watched a hostage situation in Berlin, New Jersey where a woman had allegedly taken a caseworker hostage and barricaded them inside her house.

FOX 10 Phoenix livestreamed the ordeal to their Facebook. The caption with their livestream read, “RIGHT NOW: A woman has barricaded herself inside a home with her case worker in Berlin, New Jersey. She refuses to let her case worker leave. Police are working on negotiations.”

Despite pushing the narrative of a dangerous hostage situation, FOX 10 did not do much of a follow up on the story. The reason for that could be that there was no hostage situation and police claim the caseworker was never held against her will.

The Berlin Police Department released an update on their Facebook page. In their update, the BPD said a caseworker was attempting to get an evaluation for a woman who was refusing. After requesting officers, the woman began barricading herself in her house. According to the BPD, “At no time was any case worker harmed or held against their will.”


At approximately 12:00PM our officers responded to Jefferson Avenue at the request of an area case worker. They were attempting to remove a female resident to be taken for further evaluation/treatment. At that time our officers attempted to make contact and remove the female at which time she began to barricade herself inside. Officers were unable to remove the female which led to the current situation still ongoing. At no time was any case worker harmed or held against their will. No other residents are inside and officers are working quickly to resolve the situation.

We will update as the situation progresses.

The standoff lasted for about six hours before police were able to take the woman into custody. The woman was not harmed and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation. No other residents were said to be inside the house.



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