Belle Delphine Was Not Ordered To Pay $60,000 For Snapchat Premium

A satire article is spreading across the Web claiming Belle Delphine was court ordered to pay $60,000 from money she made on her Snapchat Premium

  • The claim started after David Wu made a viral Facebook post starting the “Thot Audit” against Internet sex workers

  • The article came from the satirical site Huzlers

  • At this time it is not believed any Internet sex workers have been audited because of the Thot Audit

Last month TDH reported on an Internet shitposting that got taken way out of hand. David Wu began requesting people to report sex workers making money through Snapchat Premium to the IRS. Belle Delphine quickly became one of the primary targets.

The satirical site Huzlers posted an article claiming a judge ordered Delphine to pay $60,000 from the $230,000 she made in the last three months. The title of the article is, “Judge Orders Premium Snapchat Model to Pay $60k in Taxes to IRS After Multiple Reports by Internet Users,” and like other stories from satirical sites like Your News Wire, people are seeing the title and taking it as truth. The article reads as follows.

After a trend of internet users reporting premium snapchat sellers to the IRS for tax evasion, according to reports, the first case of tax evasion for premium snapchat users has finally happened. Popular instagram model @Belle.delphine, 19, was ordered to pay $60,000 by a judge after making almost $230,000 in premium snapchat memberships in the last 3 months. According to Belle’s site, her most exclusive membership is $50 a month.

The IRS has been targeting snapchat models after it was revealed that models were making up to tens of thousands of dollars a month alone from selling premium memberships. Customers pay via apps such as cashapp and paypal to have access to models’ exclusive content such as nude photos and videos.

“These girls need to pay taxes”, said judge Steve Wellis, “the other day i found out my 12 year old son was paying $50 a month for that belle delphine girl’s premium snapchat. He was saving all his lunch money to pay for the membership, while he was starving everyday at school like a dumbass eating scraps off other students’ trays, had to send him to boot camp, this has to stop.” finished Judge Wellis.

While premium snapchats are growing in popularity, the IRS is offering internet users a cash reward for reporting snapchat models who make over $10,000 a month with their service. “keep these thots coming” said an IRS representative, “this national debt ain’t gonna pay itself”. Are you thinking about reporting your favorite snap model? you probably should.

Some may wonder how you can tell Huzlers is a satire site. The answer is quite simple. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen there is a description that refers to the site as the “most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world.”

Huzlers is the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world. If it’s trending on social media you’ll find it here!

Other articles on the website include titles like, “Florida’s “Neck Guy” Arrested Again Undergoes Plastic Surgery To Decrease Neck Size And Removes Tattoos; His Mugshot Had To Be Updated” and “Man Dies In Explosion After Attempting To Microwave A Microwave.”

While Wu’s posts in November spawned the viral “Thot Audit,” due to the process involved with filing a report against someone to the IRS it is not clear if any Internet sex workers were actually reported to the IRS. Regardless of making any reports, the viral trend has served its purpose of entertaining a large group of shitposters.



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