Barrett Brown Puts Pressure On Dallas Police Union President Mike Mata

Journalist Barrett Brown has been applying pressure to Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata over the handling of the shooting of Botham Shem Jean

  • Following an article by Brown Mata requested that Brown contact him

  • Mata attacked Brown’s “journalistic integrity” in a tweet on Friday

  • Brown has been vocal about Guyger receiving special treatment and other discrepancies after killing Jean

Journalist Barrett Brown has been extremely vocal about significant discrepancies in the investigation of the death of Botham Shem Jean and the special treatment of Dallas police officer Amber Guyger,

Brown recently wrote an article for D Magazine where he questioned the integrity of Dallas-based journalists who are blindly accepting the questionable police narrative and placed some heat on Dallas Police Association President Mike Mata.

Mata claimed Guyger had received threatening texts — evidence of these threats has not been released to the public — following the shooting. Brown pointed out that in the claims Mata unintentionally admitted Guyger’s phone was not taken as evidence after the shooting even though Jean’s was.

Following the article, Brown claimed Mata wrote to his editor and requested that Brown call him. After trying to call Mata and getting no reply, Brown decided to start a dialogue on Twitter. In a tweet from Brown on Thursday, he stated that Mata would not return his call and referred to him as a “pig in the brush.”

Dallas Police Association president Michael Mata (@mmata7313) wrote to my editor this morning complaining about my article; told me I should call him. I called him 9 hours ago, but he won’t reply. He’s hiding like a wild pig in the brush. Call me, pig. Come out of the brush.

On Friday, Mata tweeted a picture of Brown’s tweet with the caption, “What an example of journalistic integrity …. wonder why I didn’t call you back ?”

Whatever Mata was hoping to accomplish with his tweet targeting Brown, it backfired miserably. Other Twitter users began replying that the real issue is Mata is refusing to speak to Brown after requesting for him to contact him.

Following Mata’s response, Brown decided he would share some of the questions he has for Mata with his Twitter followers. Brown tweeted out a total of seven questions on Friday.

1. When was Amber’s phone “willing [sic] handed over]”, as you put it in your e-mail to me, and to whom?

2. You told the @dallasnews (which reported it as fact, natch) that Amber had received threatening calls and texts. Are these being investigated? To whom did she report these communications?

3. A number of city council members and local attorneys are aware that Amber was taken to Kaufman for her booking in a convoy of two Texas Rangers vehicles, one of which contained you and two DPA lawyers. Is this normal procedure for a booking (hint: no).

4. Many of these same local figures are aware that Amber was not cuffed while in the vehicle, nor in the sally port at Kaufman, nor for much of the hour she spent at the jail. Is this normal procedure for a booking? (hint: no)

5. The minute-long video provided to WFAA and other press shows Amber dressed out in Kaufman prison scrubs during the booking itself. But walk-throughs are not dressed out at Kaufman (where I spent two months) unless they’re staying. Was this done as theater?

6. People with knowledge of the situation tell me that the Texas Rangers actually took Kaufman’s copy of the affidavit with them when they left. Did you see this occur?

7 When you called for an “open, transparent, full investigation” of the killing of #BothamJean, were you high? Did you share with the mayor? WAS IT REEFER?

Brown has brought attention to several issues following the shooting of Jean. On September 9, Brown uploaded several images to his Facebook. One of the images was from Guyger’s sister’s now-deleted Facebook account. In the picture, Guyger’s brother-in-law is holding his hands in a manner that resembled a hand signal for the white supremacist gang the Peckerwoods.

The images raised questions of Guyger’s possible ties to racist groups. Guyger’s family denies any connection to racist groups and say that the brother-in-law was putting his hands in a 69 for a family member’s 69th birthday.

After most officer-involved shootings, the officer’s social media accounts are normally scrubbed from the Web. Guyger was no different. Except there was one social media account that was forgotten, her Pinterest account. Luckily, Brown helped bring attention to the account before it was deleted. Early Friday morning, Brown shared a post that has multiple screenshots from Guyger’s Pinterest account, which appears to have been deleted.

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