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Morton County Sheriff’s Department cant keep their own story straight

Statements over the arrest of Red Fawn Fallis appear to have discrepancies Fallis was allegedly arrested for firing a handgun at officers last Thursday Morton County Sheriff Kyle Kirchmeier said no gunshots fired the day after Thursday’s confrontation Fallis is charged with attempted murder and several other charges Following Red Fawn Fallis receiving serious charges during last Thursday’s raid at Standing Rock, ...

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Why are people checking in at Standing Rock on Facebook

People across Facebook are checking in to Standing Rock The idea behind the campaign is to confuse law enforcement The post began making the rounds early Sunday morning Morton County Sheriff’s Department deny using the Facebook feature to keep an eye on people A viral Facebook post is encouraging people to check into Standing Rock on Facebook to confuse law ...

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Meet Kyle Thompson, the Knightsbridge Risk Management employee that was disguised as a water protector

The identity of the man who was arrested dressed as a water protector an armed with an AR-15 has been confirmed Kyle Thompson has been identified as the DAPL security guard responsible for Thursday’s incident Thompson works for the private security group Knightsbridge Risk Management Dakota Access contacted Knightsbridge in early 2015 Just days ago we reported on the Dakota ...

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Mandan couple dresses as DAPL water protectors for Halloween and immediately regret it

A couple in Mandan decided they were going to dress as water protectors for Halloween After posting the picture to Facebook it quickly went viral The couple’s phone number was released online as well The couple lives close to where heated protests have occurred against the Dakota Access What would Halloween be without a small group of ignorant people dressing ...

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Law enforcement allow limited items to be retrieved from frontline camp

Personal possessions, tipis, vehicles and sacred items were left behind following Thursday’s arrests in North Dakota Law enforcement made an agreement allowing 9 people and 3 vehicles to enter the frontline camp area to retrieve tipis No personal possessions, or vehicles are allowed to be retrieved from the area Part of the agreement was that media could not go along for ...

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