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Georgia State Patrol Troopers Seize $36,000 Without Making One Arrest

Georgia State Patrol Troopers seized $36,000 on Sunday evening even though no arrests were made A vehicle was stopped in Lowndes County, Georgia for failure to move During the search troopers claim a K-9 unit was tipped off on something inside the car Troopers found $36,000 in American currency inside a speaker in the trunk Troopers and WALB referred to ...

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Latest Kansas Mountain Lion Sighting Picture Found To Be A Hoax

Latest image of a mountain lion in Kansas proved to be a hoax Deb Southerland posted a picture to her Facebook of a mountain lion laying in a corn field supposedly just north of Washington, Kansas The video has been used in several mountain lion sighting hoaxes in the last two years The picture was originally taken in an Estrela neighborhood ...

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Video From Feo Mas Shows Campbell Cop Holding Passengers At Gunpoint After Traffic Stop Over “Safety Concerns”

A viral video uploaded by Facebook user Feo Mas shows a Campbell officer hold a couple at gunpoint for nine-minutes during a simple traffic stop The stop was said to have occurred over “safety concerns” on July 26 in Hollister, California The unidentified officer holds his gun on the couple for the entire duration of the video Campbell Police Captain ...

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Did Governor Sam Brownback Resign And What Does This Mean For Kansas

Word spread on Wednesday evening that Governor Sam Brownback has resigned from his position as governor President Donald Trump formally nominated Brownback for the position of the State Department’s ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom If the Senate confirms the nomination officials believe Brownback will resign from his position as governor Lieutenant Governor of Kansas Jeffrey William “Jeff” Colyer will become ...

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