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Gainesville “Hot Cop” Michael Gordon Hamill Turns Out To Be An Anti-Semite

Gainesville, Florida “Hot Cop” Michael Gordon Hamill expresses anti-Semitic views on Facebook years before he became an officer Hamill gained Internet notoriety from a photo posted to the Gainseville Police Department Facebook page The picture showed Hamill and two other officers preparing to go help Hurricane Irma victims Hamill’s Facebook show that he made two anti-Semitic posts to his Facebook ...

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Former Great Bend Kansas Police Chief Cliff Couch Exposes Corruption In Resignation Letter

A resignation letter from Chief Cliff Couch of the Great Bend Police Department strongly suggests a level of corruption in the city unknown to many. The resignation comes shortly after the Great Bend City Council voted 4-3 to lift Couch’s suspension. Couch was suspended after former city administrator Howard Partington made accusations of “unethical and dishonest conduct.” Councilman Dana Dawson ...

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North Korea Fires Second Ballistic Missile Over Japan In Under A Month

North Korea has fired a second ballistic missile over Hokkaido, Japan in under a month Pyongyang was said to have fired the missile from Sunan South Korea fired two Hyunmoo-II missiles six minutes after Pyongyang’s missile Friday’s missile comes just days after the UN Security Council boosted sanctions against Pyongyang On Friday, North Korea launched a second missile that traveled East ...

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Jason Stockley Found Guilty Of Murder Will Be The Only Thing That Keeps The Peace In St Louis

If Jason Stockley is not found guilty protesters promise 100 days of protest Jason Stockley is charged with First-Degree Murder for the December 20, 2011 shooting of Anthony Smith Evidence strongly shows Stockley broke department policy during the confrontation with Smith The Board of the Ethical Society of Police recently came forward asking for a guilty verdict for Stockley Emotions ...

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