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Woman With The Flower Tattoo On Her Hand Seen Slapping And Suffocating A Baby On Video Arrested

A short clip spreading on social media shows a woman slapping a crying baby then suffocating him It turns out the child is actually 2-years-old and the clip came from two videos that were sent to the child’s fatherThe incident occurred in South Africa’s city of Newcastle in KwaZulu-Natal province The mother is charged with attempted murder but remains unidentified ...

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Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Push Refer Madness Propaganda On Kansans Over THC Filled Vape Cartridges

Sheriff Jeff Easter on Thursday held a press conference over the discovery of an unknown number of THC cartridges for vape pensThe press conference pushed issues such as violent crimes related to marijuana and “marijuana-induced psychosis”Easter claims THC cartridges are new to Kansas but multiple sources tell The Daily Haze they have been available for a while On Thursday afternoon, Sedgwick ...

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Over 600,000 NFL Fans Are Demanding A Rematch Between The Saints And The Rams After Refs Missed A Pass Interference

A petition on has collected 681,210 of the 1 million signature goal Fans say referees refused to call a clear helmet-to-helmet or pass interference that changed the outcome of the gameTwo Saints fans are now suing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the league for a range of damages including “loss of enjoyment of life” NFL fans are pissed after ...

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Arizona Wants To Charge $20 For Internet Porn To Pay For The Wall

Republican Rep. Gail Griffin introduced HB 2444 would require device distributors install software that would block them from accessing pornographyUsers would have to pay a one time fee of $20 to be allowed to access porn onlineMoney from unlocking devices would go to the John McCain Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation Fund to fund the wall Between broken promises, endless ...

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13-Year-Old Aaron Fuller Dies From Suicide After School Bullying

Fuller hung himself with a belt on January 11Aaron’s parents say bullying at school had been an issue since a year priorThe bullying eventually moved to cyberbulling on social mediaFuller had tried to commit suicide in September of last year A Northwood, Ohio family is grieving the loss of 13-year-old Aaron Fuller after he hung himself on January 11. Aaron’s ...

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Video Shows Jasmine Eiland Raped In Opera Atlanta On Facebook LIVE

A Facebook LIVE video from Eiland caught the moment she claims to have been raped inside the Atlanta OperaEiland said she was not allowed to delete the videos due to an investigationIn another Facebook LIVE Eiland says they found her attacker In the middle of what appears to be a busy nightclub, Jasmine Eiland captured the horrifying moment she was raped on ...

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