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The Children of Alabama, Preface

PREFACE When the currency wars began in earnest, our children were still quite young.  Tyler, our oldest by 20 or 21 seasons, had not yet even grown his first whisker.  I know he will have some memories of the waves of decimation that inundated the world, but the other two won’t.  Even Tyler will only have vague recollections, out of ...

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We Are Gonna Miss Him

At 8:30 on a brisk Tuesday morning, a man walked down the coffee stained concrete steps to the platform of a busy Metro Transit Authority train platform. Like many other commuters, the man was invisible. Not that he could not be seen, but, like anyone else bustling to and fro on another Tuesday, no one noticed. Trains arrived, stopped momentarily, ...

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Pipes Out For Harambe

For anyone wondering why I took a break from Mark Zuckerberg’s facial recognition and association tracking database, the answer is simple. I think you are doing it wrong. That is the public opinion, at least. I have no confidence in the friend bomb, as, for the most part, it bombed. Since this was written nearly two weeks ago, it still ...

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