Augusta Director Of Public Safety Tyler Brewer Placed On Administrative Leave

Augusta Director Of Public Safety Tyler Brewer Placed On Administrative Leave

  • Mayor Matt Childres confirmed Brewer is on administrative leave but could not comment on the reason

  • When Brewer was a Wichita police officer the city had to pay out $142,500 after he attacked a mother and daughter

  • Brewer was forced to resign from the Jefferson City, Missouri police department

Augusta, Kansas Director of Public Safety Kim Tyler Brewer, was placed on administrative leave on Friday.

Mayor Matt Childers confirmed that Brewer was placed on administrative leave, but the City of Augusta is not able to comment on internal matters involving non-elected personnel.

Brewer received negative attention earlier in the year following one of his officers shooting and killing Veteran Alan Fitzgerald’s service dog Midnite. After taking a deeper look into Brewer’s career, it became clear that he was no stranger to negative attention.

Crissy Cochran And Marilyn Mick

On June 8, 1992, Brewer was an officer for the Wichita Police Department helping work security for President Yeltsin’s motorcade. During the motorcade, 46-year-old Marilyn Mick and her 23-year-old daughter Crissy Cochran, who were on the way to Derby had to park their car in an abandoned service lot.

It was while Mick and Cochran were parked in the lot that Brewer charged at the two women’s car and “yanked” Mick out of the car by her arm. Brewer then proceeded to slam Mick to the ground, causing her to hit her head.

Court documents state that Brewer then dragged Mick to the back of the car. Cochran was said to be pleading with Brewer to stop, as she was trying to prevent her mother’s face from hitting the gravel and pavement as he dragged the woman. At one point, Brewer’s actions caused Cochran to fall over and lose grip of her child.

Darrin Thorburn and Richard Evans were able to confirm the attack on Mick, as they both tried to intervene in the attack by Brewer. Evans had brought his camera with him in hopes of getting a picture of President Yeltsin, but instead took pictures of the incident as he watched in a “totally shocked and in a state of disbelief.”

It was later reported that the City of Wichita paid out $142,500 in 1997 to Cochran to settle the lawsuit from the incident in 1992.

Mick vs Brewer by The Daily Haze on Scribd

Jefferson City

Before the lawsuit had settled, Brewer became chief of police for Jefferson City, Missouri in January of 1996. Only two years after taking the position, Brewer was forced to resign in August of 1998.

Two weeks before his retirement, the Fraternal Order of Police held a vote of no-confidence over allegations of mismanagement and abuse. The vote ended with 67-5 against Brewer. The order behind the vote represented 79 of the 104 employees.

Brewer has been the Director of Public Safety for Augusta since February 1, 2003. We will update this story as more information becomes available.



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