Ash Duran ‘Love Bug’ frauds family with fake pregnancy

Annie Ollom went to her Facebook for help after she was a victim to fraud

  • Ashley Duran came to Ollom when she found out she was pregnant and asked if she would adopt the child

  • Ollom can no longer have children and jumped at the opportunity

  • Duran sent Ollom a picture of a sonogram that she found on Google

  • Ollom did not find out Duran was lying until 6-months into the fake pregnancy

Recently a woman made a post on her Facebook after falling victim to a heartless form of fraud. The woman and her boyfriend went from believing they were adopting a child to telling their devastating story via social media.

On Wednesday, Annie Ollom posted her fraud story on Facebook, which got a viral response from social media users. A woman who goes by Ash Duran (love bug) on Facebook came to Ollom claiming to be pregnant. Ashley Duran is said to have known that Ollom could not have any more children, so she asked if she would like to adopt her child.

Ollom jumped at the chance to adopt and raise Duran’s child. About a month after approaching Ollom, Duran came back to her and said she found out she was pregnant with twins. Duran wanted Ollom to adopt the girl, while she kept the boy.

The Fake Pregnancy

Aside from Duran knowing that Ollom could not have any more children, she knew she wanted another child. In her post, Ollom explains that two out of three of her children have autism.

Ollom requested that Duran not tell her children unless she was positive about her decision to go through with the adoption. Ollom’s oldest wanted a sister very badly.

Duran told Ollom’s children. Throughout her fake pregnancy, Ollom claims Duran looked the part, and would even have her children and boyfriend touch her stomach, claiming that the “babies were moving.”

In the meantime, Ollom was going through all the necessary steps to adopt Duran’s child. She contacted a lawyer to find out about the adoption process and set up a home inspection so her home could be approved for adoption.

The Baby Shower

At 6-months into the false pregnancy, Ollom wanted to throw a baby shower to inform family the couple was adopting. Odell had requested the sonogram for the baby shower.

Duran sent an image of a sonogram, claiming it was poor quality claiming it was a closeup she had taken with her phone. In reality, the picture that she sent to Ollom was originally uploaded to in July of 2007.


Ollom self-admits that she should have known something was wrong with the picture, but she was “stupid” and “so excited to have her dream come true” that she did not want to think any different. However, after sending the picture to one of her friends, she was alerted that the image was easily found on Google search.


Duran was at Ollom’s house when she asked her about the sonogram. Duran claimed that her friends were lying about finding the picture online. When asked to provide the original copy she claimed her mother had it, but she would bring it to the baby shower that was scheduled to happen the next day. That was the last day that Ollom saw Duran.

Duran Never Returned

Duran never returned with the original copy of the sonogram. Never answered her phone, and never gave Ollom or her children an explanation. Ollom claims that the police will not do anything to help, which was what forced her to go on Facebook to at least warn other people of what Duran is capable of doing.

Facebook users that were outraged by Ollom’s story began messaging Duran before she deleted her Facebook. Users posted screenshots in the original thread of their conversations with Duran. Duran told one person that she had an abortion because Ollom was being too controlling, but soon changed her story and claimed that she knew what she did was wrong, but she planned on paying the heartbroken woman back for everything.

During the backlash she was receiving on Facebook, Duran sent a text message to Ollom threatening to call the police on her if her “friends” on Facebook did not stop harassing her. An interesting threat, coming from the woman who conned another woman into believing she was pregnant.

While what happened to Ollom is incredibly cruel and heartless, there is also a lesson to be learned. Most fraud cases happen because people get so excited they do not do any fact checking to see if there is truth to what it is the con artist is offering.

Ollom should have gone to a doctors appointment and had better paperwork throughout Duran’s scam. With a little bit of fact checking Duran could have been discovered to have been a fraud long before it got to this point.



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