Morton County Sheriff’s Department is protecting armed DAPL mercenary Kyle Thompson

The Morton County Sheriff’s Department issued arrest warrants for the three people responsible for stopping armed DAPL security guard Kyle Thompson

  • Kyle Thompson was stopped by three water protectors as he was speeding towards a small group of people armed with an AR-15

  • The warrant states that Brennan Nastacio, Michael Fasig, and Isreal Hernandez are wanted for alleged violent crimes

  • Thompson was hired by DAPL through the private security firm Knightsbridge Risk Management

On October 27, water protectors from the Oceti Sakowin stopped Kyle Thompson, an armed mercenary hired by DAPL who was heavily armed and

Photo of Kyle Thompson

     Photo of Kyle Thompson

speeding in a truck towards an area where an action had just taken place dressed as a water protector.

What Happened

Thompson was driving a white truck while holding an AR-15. Security for the camp was alerted as Thompson sped down the road towards a small group of people.

Water protectors were able to stop Thompson’s truck and keep him in the area until he was arrested by BIA.

In a shocking turn of events, the Morton County Sheriff’s Department has issued arrest warrants for the three men who stopped Thompson.

Alleged Violent Crimes

The warrant states that Brennan Nastacio, Michael Fasig, and Isreal Hernandez are wanted for alleged violent crimes.

morton-county-sheriffs-department-is-protecting-armed-dapl-mercenary-kyle-thompsonNastacio is charged with a terrorizing offense for threatening Thompson by walking towards him with a knife. Fasig and Isreal are wanted for alleged reckless endangerment after they “rammed a truck driven by another individual, creating a substantial risk of serious bodily injury.”

What the wanted poster that was released by Morton County Sheriff’s Department fails to detail is that the “individual” they are referring to was armed with an AR-15 and hired security by DAPL.

DAPL Security

After Thompson was pushed off the road, he exited his vehicle with an AR-15 and began threatening a small group of water protectors. It was later discovered that Thompson was hired security for DAPL. Thompson was hired through private security firm Knightsbridge Risk Management.

Perhaps the most concerning part of the entire ordeal is that Thompson was dressed as a water protector. He had covered any identifying tattoos and covered his face with a red handkerchief. Working as security for the Dakota Access Pipeline, why would Thompson possibly be armed and dressed as one of the water protectors?

During the standoff, Thompson pointed his AR-15 at water protectors several times. He almost hit a group of people while he was speeding down the road and his story behind the incident makes absolutely no sense.

A False Narrative

Thompson claims he was going to check on DAPL equipment that was possibly on fire. The main problem with Thompson’s story is that he was going the opposite way of where any DAPL equipment is located.

Thompson claims that his truck was rushed by over 300 protesters, which led him to grab his AR-15 for protection. Numerous witnesses have stated that luckily there were only a couple dozen people at the area where Thompson was stopped.

If one of the water protectors had acted in the same manner as Thompson, they would still be sitting in jail. However, the arrest warrants for the three people who stopped Thompson comes as no surprise to the people that know that Morton County Sheriff’s Department is doing everything they can to protect those involved with the Dakota Access Pipeline.



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