Arabella Juniper Torres Identified In Latest Viral Cop Calling

Social media users name Arabella Juniper Torres as latest frivolous cop caller

  • Darsell Obregon posted a series of videos to Facebook showing Torres calling the cops on her

  • Obregon claims she was simply trying to get out of the rain while waiting on her Uber

  • Torres is seen following Obregon to her Uber and telling her and the driver they cannot leave

It is another day and yet another person has gone viral for irrationally calling the police and being an overall shitty human being. Within 24 hours of going viral, Arabella Juniper Torres has been identified by social media users angered by the video.

On Wednesday, Darsell Obregon posted a series of short videos and images to her Facebook from Brooklyn days after Torres called the police on her for standing in front of her door to get out of the rain while waiting on her Uber at 210 5th Avenue.

On Sunday afternoon, I was in #Brooklyn walking to the train when a sudden rain storm began and I hid in the doorway OUTSIDE of a random apartment in #ParkSlope to shield myself from the rain and call an uber. No more than 3 minutes later a young woman who lives in the building opened the front door and told me that I can not stand there and had to leave. I told her I was not going to move (unbeknownst to her I was just waiting for my ride and would be leaving in a couple of minutes) so then she proceeded to call the police…

#thisisamerica #permitpatty #bbqbecky #truth #whiteprivilege #callingthecops #pettypatty #america #accountability #wecandobetter #Police #epidemic #entitlement

In the first video, Torres is already on the phone with police. Torres is heard saying, “She’s now recording me. You’re standing on public property man. This is public; this is not public property. So you’re sending an officer now?

Torres gets visibly more excited as Obregon stands silently and films her. After Obregon’s Uber arrives, Torres follows her out to the car and begins telling her and the driver that they cannot leave, or they will be breaking the law. In the last video, Torres gives the 911 dispatcher the license plate number of the Uber.

It would appear that Torres has a connection to New York City’s current mayor’s family. In an article from the New York Post in 2013, students at Brooklyn Tech claimed Torres was often seen being dropped off by current New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio with his son Dante.

Obregon’s video is the latest in a trend of calling people out for making these frivolous calls to 911. Just to name a few instances, Dr. Jennifer Schulte became known as “Bbq Becky” after calling police on several black people trying to grill at Lake Merritt in Oakland, California. After Bbq Becky, Alison Ettel became known as “Permit Patty” after she called the police on an 8-year-old girl selling bottled water in San Francisco. Then there was “Burrito Bob” who called the police on a man for eating in a Bay Area Rapid Transit.

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