April Epperson Named As Racist Birmingham Alabama Subway Manager

April Epperson named as racist Birmingham Alabama manager in viral video

  • The video was uploaded Wednesday night by Antuan Pace

  • Epperson is seen assaulting an employees brother and using a racial slur

  • Former coworkers claim the couple in the video is Epperson and her boyfriend Zachary Hyde

Another viral act of racism shows a Subway manager said to be April Epperson firing a black employee on her first day, physically assaulting her brother, and throwing them out of the store before calling the brother a “fucking nigger”.

The video was posted Wednesday night to Antuan Pace’s Facebook account. According to the caption, the now viral video was recorded at the Subway located at 423 Valley Ave in Birmingham, Alabama.


423 Valley Ave, Birmingham, AL 35209

Within hours of being posted, the video had already received over 50,000 views. The video starts with Epperson already on the phone as the employee’s brother tries to defend his sister. Pace can be heard saying, “You can’t fire her. You can’t fire her”.

Epperson ignores the argument as she gives the police the address for the store. Pace walks towards Epperson as she is on the phone, at which point she says “I’m fixing to slap that God damn phone out of your hand” while charging and swinging at Pace.

Epperson takes the phone and after Pace gets the phone back he claims she threw it. At this point, Epperson is joined by what former employees claim is her boyfriend, Zachary Hyde. Both Hyde and Epperson begin pushing the once employee and her brother out of the store.

Epperson screams one last time, “Get out of my God damn store,” before pushing them out of the store. Once they are outside of the store, Epperson pulls the door shut, but then opens it again to say “fucking nigger”. Epperson appears to be locking the door as Hyde laughs and flips them off.

Former coworkers quickly began chiming in and claiming the racist manager in the video is Epperson. Several people claim she at one point worked at the Bessemer, Alabama Subway. Several people claimed Epperson had already deleted her Facebook. It appears Hyde has removed his Facebook as well.

Angry Facebook users have already begun leaving a plethora of negative and one-star reviews on the store’s Facebook page. Others have planned to flood corporate and the store with calls first thing in the morning. There are talks of a protest happening at 10:00 am in front of the store.

As of now, Subway has yet to release a statement in response to Epperson’s now viral racially charged behavior.



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