That Moment When Antifa Threw Piss On Alt-Right Journalist Lauren Southern

That moment when Antifa threw piss on alt-right journalist Lauren Southern

  • Southern was in New York attending one of the nationwide marches against Sharia

  • Alex Rubinstein was attempting to interview Southern when Antifa confronted her

  • During the confrontation one person from Antifa threw piss on Southern

On Saturday, across the country people took to the streets to “March Against Sharia.” ACT for America began the campaign, and while it was claimed to be focused towards the extreme aspects of Sharia Law, many view the marches as an act against all Muslims.

Alt-right Canadian journalist Lauren Southern was attending a march in New York where Antifa spotted her. Journalist Alex Rubinstein was trying to interview Southern about her blocking a refugee boat to Libya when Antifa approached her.

Antifa kicked Southern out and decided to throw piss on her before she left. Rubinstein caught the moment on film and posted the video to his Twitter.

Southern posted to her Twitter account, “Piss or some sort of poison thrown on me again ffs.” Several others followed that tweet about the incident, including one that read, “Off to the doctors. I hate shots but those animals are probably riddled with disease.”

Southern is known for denying that rape cultural exists, faking a gender transition, and denouncing Black Lives Matter on numerous occasions.

Most recently Southern grabbed international attention after she was detained by the Italian Coast Guard while attempting to stop refugee boats coming from North Africa.

Southern was on a boat with Génération Identitaire, a rightwing anti-immigration French youth group. The group used their boat to block the refugee ships from passing. The Italian Coast Guard eventually arrested the entire group.



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