Did an anti-Trump protester really shit on a sign and rub it around

Viral video claims to show anti-Trump protester shit on a sign then rub it on the sign

  • The video has been viewed over 500,000 times in just 6 hours

  • A remix of the video was uploaded in October of 2015

  • The woman in the video is not actually a anti-Trump protester

The days following the Presidential Election are somehow getting more batshit nuts than the election itself. Viral videos are everywhere, with a chunk of them being completely fake.

One video in particular, that was posted just six hours ago, is on its way to being a viral video with over 500,000 views in the short time it has been up.

Braden Walter uploaded the video to his Facebook and claimed a, “Trump protestor drops her pants, craps, PICKS IT UP, and then wipes it on a Trump sign. This is what were dealing with now.”

The video that has no sound shows exactly what Walter claims, except one problem. The woman is not a Trump protester.

WARNING: The video below is graphic, and may not be appropriate for all audiences!

While we have not been able to track the original video with audio as of yet, there is a remix of the original that does have audio. From this video and the architecture in the background, it is clear that the video was not shot in America.

The video remix was uploaded by the YouTube channel, Stuffed Pig. It was uploaded on October 13, 2015, which means the original video was filmed long before the end of our current election.

The video appears to be an attempt to make anti-Trump protesters look nuts, which they seem to be doing a fine job on their own. It will never cease to amaze me how fast something false is able to spread across the Web.



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