Me still waiting for Anonymous to show up in Standing Rock

Tomorrow will be the third year of the annual Million Mask March

  • As hacktivists pour into Washington DC, many are wondering why they are not going to Standing Rock

  • London and Washington DC have become to two largest areas for the Million Mask March

Tomorrow is November 5, a typical Saturday to many, but for those in the activist community, it is known as the Million Mask March.

The Million Mask March was first started in 2013 by the hacktivist collective known as Anonymous. The MMM is held annually on November 5, due to the relation of the Gunpowder Plot.

The Gunpowder Plot

In 1605, Robert Catesby led a group of provincial English Catholics to assassinate King James I of England and VI of Scotland. The group planned on blowing up the House of Lords during the State Opening of England’s Parliament on November 5, 1605. Unbeknownst to the group, there was one major problem with their plan.

On October 26, 1605, William Parker, 4th Baron Monteagle, was sent an anonymous letter with details of the plot. On November 4 at midnight a search was conducted in the House of Lords, and which point Guy Fawkes was discovered guarding 36 barrels of gunpowder. More than enough to ensure their assassination was completed.

Most of the group fled from London, while some decided to take a stand against authorities from Worcester. The standoff happened at the Holbeche House, where Catesby was one of those shot and killed. Those still alive went to trial on January 27, 1606, and were sentenced to be hanged, drawn and quartered. Fawkes was one of those sentenced.

Scotland Yard puts strict restrictions over the Million Mask March

Since the first MMM, extremely large crowds have filled the streets in protests against corrupt governments that seem to focus on oppressing their people. The two central locations have become London and Washington DC. While the protests have moved to cities around the world, DC and London still bring the highest attendance.

Scotland Yard has already placed strict restrictions on those planning on attending the protest in Westminister. Any march by protesters must begin in Trafalgar Square Trafalgar Square, Northumberland Avenue, Victoria Embankment, Bridge Street, Parliament Square, Parliament Street and Whitehall.

Protesters must hold their demonstration between 6:00 pm and 9:00 pm. Anybody found outside this time frame could face arrest, according to law enforcement in the area.

DC awaits the arrival Anonymous

In America, thousands upon thousands of activists are preparing to descend upon Washington DC, which has some wondering why?

In Standing Rock, people are facing a pipeline that is being constructed at an alarming speed, a militarized police force with no regards for human rights, and a brutal winter that is right around the corner. Water protectors in the area have made multiple requests for people to stand with Standing Rock, which leads to the big question. Where is Anonymous?

The MMM is quickly becoming an almost pop culture event for the activism world. Many see it as nothing more than a place to take some pictures for social media and give the false impression that you have done your part to stand against a tyrannical government.

Others see it as a way for fellow activists to connect on a personal level. For those who have problems finding people in their area who share the same beliefs to discover a feeling of not being alone in their battles. A group of like-minded individuals to empower each other.

Get to the point

This article is not to discuss what the point of the MMM is. It is not to bash those who are attending, and it is not to start a war with Anonymous. This article is to make a point that many seem to be missing.

The very foundation of what the MMM is supposed to stand against is what is happening to the people in Standing Rock. The MMM is known for bringing a huge crowd together. A crowd that the people in Standing Rock have been begging to come since the September 3 attack on water protectors.

Still, those responsible for assembling the MMM did not feel that the location this year should move from DC to the area of Standing Rock. Had the location been changed, that large of a group in rural North Dakota would have forced the country to pay attention to an issue that has been blanketed with a mainstream media blackout.

The MMM is done in the name of activism, yet the activists that have been getting sprayed with mace, shot with rubber bullets, tears gassed, and sleeping in the cold for months are having their cries fall on deaf ears.

Protests have become a part of everyday life in DC

Instead, activists from around the country will flood into DC on Saturday, when most of the important people will not even be present, to march in the streets of a city where protests are a regular part of everyday life. Where is the sense in that?

Many think if you go to Standing Rock you have to dedicate the next six months of your life to staying there, which is not the case. A show of solidarity for just one day could make all the difference, if only just to raise the spirits of those who have been in Standing Rock for months and plan on continuing to stay.

It seems rather redundant to bring such a large number of people in the name of activism to an area where it is not needed while another area has been begging for activists to join them. Moving the MMM could have possibly helped in a historical battle for human rights instead of being just another annual one day event that will be forgotten by the following week.



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